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Attune Probiotic Cocolate

I saw these Attune Probiotic Chocolate bars in the store one day next to the greek yogurt I like to buy. “Chocolate in the refrigerated section?” I asked myself. I picked up one of the two different kinds I saw and examined the packages. Ah, these have probiotics in them, no wonder they need to be kept cool. I bought two of them for too much money (somewhere between $1.40 to $1.99 for each small bar, I forget exactly how much they were). I kept them in the fridge at home meaning to try them right away, but since they were away from my tasting pile, I kept forgetting about them.

There’s two kinds, a dark chocolate and a white chocolate variety. The package design is clean and attractive, and each bar is about 100 calories. Which is similar to a cup of yogurt, depending on the type you like to buy.

Dark Chocolate: I opened it up and it’s an attractive little bar of chocolate. It has a nice gloss and deep color. It has extremely hard snap and break, which I think is partly due to the fact it needs to be kept cold. The chocolate melts easily and smoothly in the mouth. It’s very chocolatey with notes of berries, caramel and coffee. It’s mild dark chocolate and not very acidic. It has a pleasant flavor and buttery texture.

White Chocolate Blueberry Vanilla: Unwrapped, the bar looks like it has tiny pieces of blueberries all chopped up in it. It’s flicked with blue and purple spots. It smells of plastic.

The snap is hard, and I was surprised to find tiny rice crisps in here when I looked at the cross-section. They add a nice crunch though.

The flavor is sweet. Really, really sweet. I’m reminded of that mockolate coating you find on those yogurt raisins people eat. I don’t get much blueberry or vanilla flavor, but instead more of a subtle berry flavor akin to mixed berry yogurt.

I’d recommend these if you’re trying to find a tasty way to get more probiotics in your diet. For me, I’m perfectly happy just eating yogurt or keifer, but if that’s not your thing I’d look for these. I thought they’re a good effort, but I prefer to keep my probiotics and chocolate separate.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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