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Caffarel Latte Bar

I seldom see Caffarel chocolate “in the wild” as so to speak, which means it’s very hard for me to find in stores around where I live. I really only ever get to taste their products when I attend trade shows where I can chat with the company and taste a few samples. Everything I’ve had, which have been little gianduja filled nuggets usually, have been luscious and made me want more. On a recent trip to California, I took a trip to a Cost Plus World Market where I saw this Caffarel Milk Chocolate on the shelf. Realizing what a rare find this was, I grabbed one and tasted it as soon as I could take a proper photo of it once I was back home.

The packaging is simple and elegant in design. Using that lovely sky blue accented with gold and the color scheme. The chocolate is a nice milky brown color and well formed. It has no gloss, as milk chocolate usually lacks. It has a nice break and is very clean.

The flavor is very creamy and a little nutty. It’s sweet, mild and reminds me of Nutella. I don’t get much of a chocolate flavor though, which I find disappointing. The mouth feel is very rich and very thick on the tongue.

I feel that without the addition of hazelnut or more cocoa solids here, that it’s rather bland for my tastes. It’s a good chocolate to combine with other elements, but alone it’s nothing special in my book.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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