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Lee's Jaffa Bar

This is the Lee’s Jaffa bar, the second bar of my purchase from a recent trip to Wegman’s grocery store. I tried the sister bar, the Lee’s Mint bar, the other day and while I liked the texture and construction, I couldn’t get past the bold flavor. I looked forward to trying this bar so much more. This bar is a spin off of a popular cookie in the UK called Jaffa Cakes, and they’re an cookie with an orange jam filling. I imagined that this bar took that popular Jaffa orange flavor and made it into a candy bar. Yum!

Like the Minty bar, this bar feels heavy and thick in my hand. Unwrapped, it has the same beautiful dark chocolate coating. Again, the ingredients are simple and they even list “jaffa orange oil” there. Ha ha.

The bar immediately smells intensely of orange. It’s really enticing. 

The fondant is very, very dense. The bar broke easily with no crumbling. The center reminds me, texture wise, of a thick, hardened frosting and the inside of a Cadbury Creme Egg. It’s dense, creamy and sweet. It really coats the tongue with a layer of sugar. The flavor is mainly of the fondant which is extremely sweet with a strong flavor of fresh, zesty, juicy orange oil. The chocolate is deep and takes an edge of the sweetness but is not the star of the show by any means. Everything about this bar is thick, smooth, sweet and very, very bold. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I found the best way to eat this bar is nice and slowly, one nibble at a time. That way it decreases the intense sugar burn you may get at the back of your throat.

I liked this bar much better than it’s minty relative, and next time I see them I’m getting more.

Rating: Will Buy Again

Will Buy Again

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