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HiChew Ruby Red Grapefruit

When I first picked up this HiChew, I thought it was grapefruit. Despite the fact that I can read Japanese, I just looked at the image and thought: “Oooo, ruby red grapefruit!” and snatched it up. It wasn’t until later once I was photographing the packaging did I notice that the flavor is blood orange. No complaints here! As much as I love grapefruit, I am not a hater of an citrus fruits, so it was still something I would have picked up regardless.

This HiChew smells lightly of citrus and grapefruit. Which, is a bit misleading! Well, maybe. It’s been a bit since I’ve had a real blood orange. The chews are light orange in color with a pink center.

The flavor is flat at first, more floral and bitter like the rind than of the juicy interior. As i chew, the flavor does release a little and become stronger, but it never reaches that flavor explosion and intense juicy chew that I normally expect with HiChew. The flavor is very true to blood orange, sweet and tart, good notes of zest. It never becomes too much of one of the components, and it very balanced and authentic. I just with it was stronger in flavor and got that saliva-going chew I love.

I’d recommend giving this one a try if you see it. I’m a bit late on the pickup as I think this flavor was a summer release (so much candy, so little time!) but since it’s imported I’m sure you can find it in Asian supermarkets still. Another yummy flavor from HiChew!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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