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Wonka Sweetarts Hearts Gummies Bag

The candy aisles for Valentine’s Day are always fun to explore. On one hand you get the traditional favorites: boxes of chocolates, NECCO’s Sweethearts candies, Russel Stover’s Cream Hearts, Cinnamon Hearts, and Gumm Lips just to name a few. Then there’s the seasonal limited editions that appear, some old favorites from last year and others the new kid on the block. These SweetTart Heart Gummies are one of those new kids, although I can’t say exactly if they’re rehash from last Valentine’s Day swag because I do not remember them. Sometimes candy just gets overlooked.

The hearts come in a bag whose design still reads “Wonka” to me still instead of “Valentine’s Day”. I blame it on the purple and blue being the dominant colors. There’s a little see through window so you can see the colorful hearts inside the bag.


Wonka Sweetarts Hearts Gummies

Smell tart and artificially fruity like Jolly Ranchers The hearts are a little larger than a quarter, and have a dusting of sugar on them. The come in three colors: pink, purple, and a mix of both.

The bite is very soft and chewy, but thankfully not sticky. The flavor is tart and I’m reminded of the sour bunnies I had a few years ago at Easter. The pink is a cherry flavor with lots of artificial tartness, and the purple is grape. Both remind me of cough syrup. They leave a sourness in the mouth long after you’ve eaten them.

If you’re a SweetTarts lover, I think you’d really enjoy these. The flavor of the candy is on par with the originals, and the texture and the size of these gummies are really fun. A sweet way to enjoy a candy you’d love. But for me, they’re really not my thing. 

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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