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Kitkat Whole Grain Cookie

Yes, I know I’m a little late on the pickup here. I don’t prefer to do top 10 lists, I’m not quite sure why, but they just feel like they lack information to me or glaze over important information. But, I realize they have great merit too, and I was impressed with Cybele’s recent post of The 110 Essential Candy for Candivores. My goodness that’s a long list, and here I have trouble doing just ten! Well, I was inspired to say the least, so I wanted to list out the ten candies I really felt I discovered more of in 2009 that are a must for any candy lover.

10. Gum. Now, gum is something I’ve never really been big on for many reasons. But this past year I really gave it a good try and discovered a bunch of new flavors and such that I was really pleased with. Granted, I don’t chew them now, but it’s just because that’s who I am. I’m sure any gum lover would adore the new stuff on the market. I was really happy that I gave them a try and was really pleased with what I tasted.


Reeses's Eggs Package

9. Classic candy in a new shape. These Reese’s Eggs stand as a good example. It’s amazing how the flavor changes when the candy ratios are mixed up. It’s a gret way to put a new spin on an old favorite.

8. Fruity Gummi candy: If it’s plain old gummi bears, Dots, or what have you. I tried many new kinds this past year and was really pleased with them. They aren’t the flavorless overly chewy/sticky stuff that I remember from my childhood.


Cadbury Orange Creme Egg Open II

7. Cadbury Creme Egg: An Easter favorite. You just have to try them to try them, even if you think they’ll be too much for you. You really need to know where you stand: love ‘em or hate ‘em.

6. “Gourmet Candy”. I put these in parentheses since everyone has their own definition of gourmet. You should at least try something that’s got something seeming odd in it, if it’s chocolate with pepper or caramel with bacon. 

5. Jelly Beans Every Easter I try and review as many kinds as I can, and each time I re-discover just how truly tasty they are. They are a candy that seldom disappoints, and I am reminded again of how much I love them.


Katjes Katzen Pfotchen Bag

4. Licorice. I’m continually surprised with how many different types of black licorice that exist out there. It’s something I’ve grown to love in the past few years, and I love trying a new kind.

3. Kitkats from another country. This much loved bar in the US get lots of love overseas with exciting flavors like Green Tea, Caramel, Espresso Coffee and Whole Grain Cookies. Most of my experience is from Japanese Kitkats, but you realy can’t go wrong with these and you should try and taste some of these stranger ones (to us) at least once.

2. Noughat. Whether it’s in a Milky Way, a bar of Torrone, or in a Big Hunk, this stuff just makes my taste buds sing. It’s something that I’m always looking for new varieties, and each time I’m never disappointed.


Amano Montanya, Ocumare and Jembrana Bars

1. Chocolate Bars-dark, milk, white. I swear there isn’t a day that passes where I don’t each some chocolate off of a bar. It’s a staple of my diet and it just get any better than this. I prefer my chocolate bars plain with no additions, but sometimes I feel a bit nutty and change things up. There’s so many varieties out there it’s a candy source you’ll be hard pressed to exhaust. Pure chocolate is where it’s at, pure and delicious.

So what are your Top 10 Candies of 2009? What are you looking forward to trying in 2010? 


Gummi Anise Bears

I’ve heard about Anise Gummi Bears for some time, and it wasn’t until I was in Reading Terminal Market at one of the Amish candy counters. I saw these in a large bag, and immediately scooped them up. 

They’re a good size, much larger than any traditional gummi bears I’ve ever seen. They stand a good inch tall and 1/2 inch wide. These are some hefty black bears indeed!

The texture is awesome. They’re more like gum drops than gummi bears. They have a nice coat of granulated sugar (to keep them warm I guess, like a gummi fut coat?) and secondly, the texture is much thicker, stickier and smoother, and doesn’t have that light bounce that I associate with traditional gummi bears. I like these a lot better.

The flavor is great, it’s very intense and I get strong herbal flavors of anise and licorice on my tongue. It comes across very strong, and I feel almost taste overload on my tongue with the herbal sweetness. It’s like when you overdose your drink with stevia, it is almost too much. Still, it’s a wonderful flavor and I kept wanting more as I finished them one by one.

If I see these again I’m going to pick them up for sure. I think any fan of licorice would really enjoy these.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


Will Eat Again

Happy New Years from TCE! I hope you have an even sweeter year than the last one.

Do you have any sweet resolutions for the new year? I sure do: keep at it! smile

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