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Jelly Belly Honey Beans Bag

Jelly Belly is always coming up with creative and interesting flavors to add to their already impressive line of jelly beans. Back a few years ago I did the review for the new Dark Chocolate Jelly Beans and BeanBoozled for After that I was then featured in the New York Times in a Jelly Belly article, so now I feel I’ve come full circle with my first official Jelly Belly review for The Candy Enthusiast.

The new flavor for Jelly Belly? Honey! This is the 92nd flavor (told you it was a big list!) of Jelly Belly bean for sale and is the idea of many consumers who’ve written and polled for it for some time now. It’s great to know Jelly Belly listens to it’s consumers.

These Honey beans are made with real wildflower honey and the flavor certainly reflects it. The beans are beautiful and they look like little hardened globs of honey. My photo makes the look more orange than they really are, as they’re more of a shade of amber. 


Jelly Belly Honey Beans

So how do they taste?

Really wonderful.

The first thing you get is a flowring sweetness that evolves swiftly into a full honey flavor. It’s as if you just liked the end of honey spoon, just not as intense. It’s amazing how well these beans capture the honey flavor, and they’re just delightful.

I found myself reaching for another and another, and I had to hide the rest of my samples so I was able to share them with my boyfriend, who is a big honey lover. Needless to say, he’s just as smitten with them as I am! These honey jelly beans I feel are really unique, so if you see them do give them a try. And if you’re one of the many who’ve written Jelly Belly requesting this flavor over the years, I can say you will not be disappointed. 
Rating: Hoard



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DOTS Valentine Box

Well, DOTS went and did it again! To follow up with their limited edition Halloween DOTS and their Christmas DOTS, they now have a box of flavors for Valentine’s Day. I’m really pleased to see this holiday edition, as I’m a big fan of DOTS, so it’s fun to give the new ones a try. I really love the packaging design here, as with all of them, as it really captures the feeling of the season.

My delight was dimmed a little when I saw that the cherry vanilla made a return in this box. After tasting it in the Christmas box, it’s a flavor that I can go without. The pairing flavor is Passion fruit Vanilla, which is something I haven’t had in a candy before, so that certainly made up for any anticipation lost on the cherry flavor’s return. 


DOTS Valentine

Cherry Vanilla: Just like the cherry DOT from the Christmas variety. Red with a white bottom. The flavor is the same as before: a bright, fruity, punchy cherry with a medicinal edge, matched with a creamy vanilla flavor. Second time around I liked it a bit better, but I still yearn for a strawberry or raspberry instead.

Passion Fruit Vanilla: Pink with a white bottom, the flavor is more raspberry and floral, with notes of perfume. Tasty! I don’t notice the vanilla as much here, which is fine with me since the flavor on it’s own is so nice.

I thought this mix of flavors was much more successful in terms of flavor, than the Christmas variety. I can see these as some adorable toppers for some Valentine’s Day cupcakes, or just arranged in a pretty bowl for your sweetheart.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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