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Chew-ets Peanut Chews Dark

If many of you have never seen or heard of Peanut Chews, I’m not terribly surprised.Peanut Chews are a regional favorite around the Philadelphia, PA area where Goldenberg’s Candy Company first created them, around 1920 (the website says 90 years, so I’m taking their word). They’ve recently been bought out by Just Born, another Pennsylvania candy company, but thankfully the Peanut Chews have remained for the most part unchanged.

I first had these as a sample back in 2005 while walking in Soho, New York City. Peanut Chews had a booth in a street fair and were handing out free mini size samples. I took one each of the milk and dark chocolate, and didn’t think much of them until I stumbled across them again a few years later.

The “Chew-Ets” which are the names for the Peanut Chews, are little bars about 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch tall, like stubby Kit kats.  Very cute! So what exactly is a Peanut Chew? They’re giant chunks of peanuts are held together by a molasses caramel and then coated in the mockolate.

It smells lightly of chocolate, but mainly sweet and nutty. 
My first impression is how appropriately this candy is named. Your first bite is just overwhelmed with a wonderful fresh salty peanut taste. You don’t even notice the chocolate (or should I say “mockolate”) or the filling that holds them together. All you just notice a subtle sweetness blanketing the powerful roasted peanut flavor. The texture is great too. Chewy, but not so much so that it feels like work. The molasses gives it a nice moist chew. The peanuts are perfectly roasted, so that despite being large pieces, nothing got stuck in my teeth. I can easily understand why this confection has withstood the test of time and has become a classic.

These are a great candy if you’re into really intense flavors of peanuts and molasses. As it’s an addicting combination. A must for peanut and molasses lovers alike. Certainly worth a try and frequent purchases. If only they used real chocolate…

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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