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Pucker Powder and Pucker Pieces

I stumbled across Pucker Powder recently in New York City at the annual Toy Fairshow. I’ve seen their powder booths in many large candy stores before, but have never tried them as I’m not really into sour or powder candy. Curious to try something new tho, as I always am, I took some of the free samples they were handing out at the booth and tucked them into my pocket to take home and photograph to review.

One things I have to say is that the graphic design of the packet of the Pucker pieces is really nice. It is vibrant and fun, and really strikes me as something kids would be drawn to. I get a vibe of “fun” from it, and that’s a big part of what people look for in a candy I think, even if it’s subconscious. 

The main way you see Pucker Powder is in bins of colorful powder that you pour and layer into portable the tubes. With these tubes you can mix and match flavors as you’d like. I have to say that I think the top of the tubes is really well designed. It allows you to open and close the tube without much effort, and it doesn’t accidentally open and spill everywhere. So I was able to eat a little, and save the rest for later. I made a small tube of it mixed with flavors I thought I’d like:

Root Beer: It’s sweet, with a nice cola flavor to it, but it lacks the wintergreen spice I associate with the drink.

Orange: Has a nice citrus flavor to it, with a good sourness to it that I really enjoyed. It has a nice hint of cotton candy to it.

Strawberry: Fruity with a nice tart edge to it, like a Sour Patch Kid. It has notes of berries and bubblegum.

Pucker Pieces are the newcomer to the Pucker Powder line. They’re little tablets that are bigger than a round Advil, yet smaller than a dime. They’re fun to roll around and they make a nice sound like dominoes in my hand.

Yellow: A banana flavor, it has a nice starchy flavor and sweet like bananas. It’s not sour, but does a nice job of capturing the flavor.

Blue: This one is tart! It’s a berry flavor, the sourness is nice and it’s really enjoyable.

Purple: This one is also tart, and it’s grape. Despite me not liking sour candies and grape candies, but I really liked this. It’s reminiscent of grape soda, in the best way possible.

Light Pink: This is strawberry lemonade and the flavor is really spot on. So refreshing!

Dark Pink: The flavor is tart and berry like, I’m guessing it’s strawberry again cause there’s a strong note of bubblegum like the powder did.

Orange: Extremely tart and tastes of citrus. Intense, but yummy.

Color me impressed! I was really pleased with the flavors and sour levels of these candies. I’d definitely search these out again if I ever get a sour candy craving, and I highly recommend trying these if you’re a sour candy lover.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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