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Brach's Speckled Jelly Bird Eggs

As I spread my range of trying all the Easter jelly beans that I can find, I decided it was time I tried out this “classic”. I call these Brach’s Speckled Jelly Bird Eggs that because, well, they’re a candy that I always remember seeing around, yet I’ve never had them. I assume someone s buying them, because I see these return year after year. From the looks of them, they appear to be pectin-styled jelly beans to be more egg shaped and speckled like bird’s eggs. A very common and fun style for most springtime candy. I love how these appeal to both “Easter” candy and “spring” candy, as the shaped can be associated with both events, yet at the same time separately from each other.

Opening the bag I get a very generic fruity aroma from the beans. Pouring a few out I can identify a set of flavors, but even amongst the varieties there’s lots of variation in the color and size. Take for example the orange egg; where some were more white and hardly speckled and other were so speckled that they were almost no base color showing.

Popping one of the beans into my mouth, I found the texture is very soft and chewy. The coating gives a bit of a starchy chew, and the center is grainy and dissolves easily. Since I really had no clue as to what any of the flavor were, I just dove right in.

White with pink spots:
Starts of sweet, then like cough medicine which transforms into a bitter, medicinal cherry. Ugh, awful.

Yellow with dark yellow spots: Immediately sweet and brightly of lemon. The flavor gets more bitter as you chew it, then it fades away gradually.

Light blue with dark blue spots:
Sweet and floral, like berries. The flavor doesn’t grow or fade like the others, but deliver an even taste.

Light orange with dark orange spots: A bright orange flavor. Very sweet.

Purple with dark purple spots: Starts off tasting like perfume, then soap….then, kinda sweet and kinda like grapes.

Overall, ew. These were not what I was hoping for at all. The good flavors were mediocre, and the bad ones were awful. I’d think eating potpourri out of a bowl would taste better than those. So I can’t really recommend these jelly beans, unless you like self torture, that is.
Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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