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Peeps Chocolate Packages

Peeps, that signature chick-shaped marshmallow treat of Easter, is always coming out with something new it seems. This Easter season is no exception. For years Mom and Pop candy stores have been taking Peeps and dipping them in chocolate, and now Peeps are officially dong it themselves. There’s two kinds: Milk and Dark chocolate. The milk is in a yellow package, and dark in a blue. Both feel very bright and cherry and well, full of Easter.

Taking the Peep out of it’s colorful package, it’s larger than a regular peep. It like you took one and smooshed it sideways cartoon-style with a steamroller. The peep silhouette is clear, and the peep even has a bump for the eye, so the candy kinda stars at you. Creepy cyclops Peep. Interestingly, the dark doesn’t have an eye. Odd.


Peeps Milk Chocolate Naked

The Milk Chocolate Peep Was nice to bite into because was curious as to what the texture would be like. The chocolate shell isn’t thick, so it cracks easily, much like the Russell Stover marshmallow eggs. The Peep inside is yellow, which strikes me as odd because Peeps have colorless innards. The marshmallow tastes sweet and lightly of vanilla, and the chocolate adds a tiny bit of depth to it with nice cream and chocolate flavors. Overall it’s unremarkable. I mean, the funny crispy coating on the peep is absent, the shape is different, and I lose the funny starchy flavor of the Peep, so this hardly feels accurate.

Peeps Chocolate Bitten

The Dark Chocolate Peep has a much smoother and cleaner looking chocolate shell than the milk peep. The chocolate smells more like chocolate and less creamy than the milk, and has a nice coconut flavor to it. This peep is also all yellow on the inside, and I get the same lack of flavor to the marshmallow. The chocolate adds a tad of sweetness to it and a more grounding earthy flavor, but it also gives a dry edge to the texture and it’s kinda strange. I’m not sure quite what to make of it.

These are tasty, and worth trying if you’re a Peep fan. Myself, I’d rather reach for a Russell Stover marshmallow/cream eggs, a CCE or just a plain peep!

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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