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Cadbury Mini Eggs

It seems in the world of Cadbury’s Easter, there’s only two schools of candy: CCE’s and Mini Eggs. You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. I know so many people who prefer the Mini Eggs over the CCE’s. I never belonged to that group though, as I always wanted the cream center as opposed to the pop-able size and crunchy candy shell.

This year I’ve realized that it’s been some time since I even had the Mini Eggs, much less reviewed them. So here I am, giving them a second try. I was happy to find these in little single serving size bags. I know they come in larger bags for you addicts out there, but this size suits me perfectly.

The mini eggs are indeed tiny, a tad larger than hazelnuts and egg shaped. The colors are matte and pale in blue, pink, white, and yellow. Some have speckles on them, others don’t. They do remind me of small robin’s eggs.

A note, even those these Mini Eggs are Cadbury products, it’s manufactured by Herhsey’s here in the US . Interesting. I wonder if that will change now that Kraft bought Cadbury.

The shells is hard and smooth on the tongue, and lightly vanilla flavored. You can either suck on them to dissolve it slowly, or crunch down on them. I tried both and they were equally satisfying. The chocolate is sweet and creamy, and has a really heavy yogurty tang to it that’s so typical of European milk chocolate. The eggs are addicting and extremely “popable”, you want to keep tossing them into you mouth.

These were tasty, but I still prefer my CCE. Some preferences die hard.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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