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Too Haute Cowgirls: Fisful of Fleur de Sel

Two Haute Cowgirls is a company that makes gourmet popcorn confections. Usually I don’t consider popcorn a type of candy, but once I saw photos of how completely covered in chocolate their confections are, I knew that this passed into the realm of candy.

I graciously received free samples from Too Haute Cowgirls, so while I waited for them to arrive I had fun reading about the company on the website. I’m a big fan of all things wild west, so I had a fun reading up on the cowgirl’s history and was chuckling at the cute names all the different popcorn mixes. Most are plays on famous Westerns, and I had a fun time identifying them all.


Too Haute Cowgirls: Fisful of Fleur de Sel

The popcorn is really beautiful. It’s very well coated which makes me happy, as there’s no skimping here on chocolate here. Onto tasting!

Cowgirl Coffee: It smells of sweet coffee and chocolate when we opened the bag. This popcorn are covered in milk chocolate and bits of white chocolate shavings that I first mistook for coconut. , the texture is very crispy and the popcorn doesn’t get stuck in my teeth. Yay! foreground is first of milk chocolate, then the nice flavor of coffee kicks in, which is sweet and taste like the aroma of fresh ground coffee. Kinda like popcorn espresso beans. I get a bit of buttery flavor underneath it all from the cooked popcorn. It’s delicious.

Mutton Bustin Milk Chocolate: Coated in milk chocolate with drizzles of white chocolate and bits of peanut brittle and mixed nuts (both of which are very fresh and flavorful). Milk chocolate is sweet and creamy, with some strong buttery notes to it, and underneath you get the buttery popcorn. Wonderful sweet/salty mix going on here.

Chili Con Chocolate: It’s drenched in chocolate and you can see the dusting of the chili. the popcorn is lightly sweet, but the chili is really intense. It really just takes over the whole flavor of the popcorn. it’s smokey and not too hot, and it’s the right balance. Kinda that addicting kind of hot. but if you’re into chili, you’ll love these. If not, I’d recommend you’d leave these be.

End of the Trail Mix: this one has a lot going on. Firstly there’s a white chocolate coating, along with mixed nuts, dried cranberries, banana chips, and chunks of granola going on here. There’s also bits of caramel corn in here too, so it’s a feisty mix. the caramel corn is buttery and a tad sticky, but full of flavor. the other popcorn tastes of granola, sweet and like a crumbled oatmeal cookie. Yummy.

The Good the Bad and the Peanut Butter: these are lightly coated in a creamy brown coating, with white chocolate drizzles with peanuts and pretzels mixed in. These taste more of caramel butter popcorn to me, as the peanut butter flavor isn’t that intense to me. but the white chocolate peanut butter combo is nice and it was still very addicting.

Fistfull of Fleur de Sel: It’s well covered in milk chocolate and bits of salt and peanut brittle flakes. flavor is very rich of the sweet and creamy milk chocolate, and the salt. the flavor play of the sweet/salty is intense, and works really well. It’s a beautiful pairing of chocolate and the saltines of popcorn, my favorite of the bunch.

Blisters on my Buttercrunch: I think this one is supposed to be the closest to the traditional caramel corn. The popcorn is a nice creamy caramel color, with a nice rich coating on it. There’s bits of peanuts in here too, so you get a sweet/salty mix every so often. The flavor is sweet, and more buttery than most caramel corn I’ve ever had, so it comes off very rich because of that. Still, very decadent and yummy.

These were really tasty and I felt the quality on them was really superb. My favorite was the Fistfull of Fleur de Sel, and my boyfriend loved the Chili Con Chocolate. Worth a try if you’re in for something new, partner!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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