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Wonka Fruit Jellies Boxes

Out of all the tempting offerings in the new Wonka candies, these were the ones I was most excited about. I was so happy to see that I was given these in the box of free samples, I immediately started to squeal with glee. To prove that I’m not totally crazy, when I showed these to my boyfriend and explained what they were, he too went giddy. Yes, I’m really that excited about a candy.

So what are these new Fruit Jellies? Well, in essence, they’re little squares of fruit pate. Yeah, you heard me, it’s that stuff I love so much. These Wonka versions are just as tasty and cute as the kinda I’ve had before. These look like colorful little sugar cubes. They’re made up of brightly colored jelly and coated with granular sugar. They’re sooo pretty, and I had a fun time arranging them for the photo.


Wonka Fruit Jellies

Apple: These are dark pink in color, like the center of a ruby red grapefruit. The flavor is very floral and juicy. It has notes of apples, and it reminds me of a sweeter apple juice.

Goji: I’m not sure what a real goji berry tastes like, as I’ve only had it mixed into chocolate or other confections, so it’s hard to individualize the flavor. This is very succulent, with notes of pineapple and passionfruit. Really delicious and awesome.


Immediately tart and juicy like a real grapefruit. Halfway through the flavor, some sweetness shows through, and it’s really lovely. A great representation of the flavor.

I cannot gush about these enough. They’re amazing. I love them. I’m so happy to have an affordable version of fruit pate in my candy aisle. I will buy these as I know I can’t get enough of them. You have to give these a try.

Rating: Hoard


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