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On the Floor II

Every year the National Confectioners Association (NCA) holds a massive convention that shows what’s the latest and greatest in candy and snack food trends called the Sweet & Snacks Expo. The 2010 convention was held this past weekend in Chicago and was full to the brim of all that is sweet and tasty. I attended the show back in 2007 when it was still called the “All Candy Expo”, and sadly haven’t been able to make it back since.

Since I couldn’t go this year (Memorial Day weekend is a bad travel time for me) I am living through others experiences though photos and blog posts. Here’s a round up of what I’ve found so far:

The NCA’s official blog Candy Dish has a Day 1 Recap.

Cybele from has a sneak peek of some of the new candies coming soon.

NBC Chicago has a gorgeous”> photo gallery of all the sweet new treats!

Motivation and Chocolate has great coverage on what we can expect to see in stores with great packaging photos.


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