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Nestle Fruit Pastilles Box

If you haven’t heard of these British Fruit Pastilles, then you’re in for a treat. They’re made by Rowntree, a branch of UK Nestle, and the name is often included in the candy’s name. It’s like Kleenex and Scott Towels. I tried these under recommendation of my boyfriend, who had them on is trip to England a few years ago (gosh, it’s been that long already?) and when we say them in the grocery store the other day he bought a pack for me to try. 

The fruit pastilles look like gummies and have a hard packed coating of granulated sugar on them. They’re hard, you can’t squeeze them, and they sound like dice when you roll them in your hand. They’re like dusted gems and are very nice to look at.

The texture of these, right away, it completely awesome. They’re thick, very chewy and only the tiniest bit sticky. They give a great chew, similar to a Starburst, but with the sugar coating it allows for more chew, and it’s really fun to eat.


Nestle Fruit Pastilles

Lime: Shaped like the currant, round with nubs on each end and green in color. It has bright notes of lime with that tartness following right after the initial sweetness. The flavor isn’t floor cleaner artificial thankfully, and it has an intense citrusy flavor.

Lemon: Shaped in a half moon slice and bright yellow. Very sweet and mild in flavor. The lemon is authentic, and only the tiniest bit tart at the finish.

Orange: Round and Orange. Starts off very sweet, and then the nice full, orange flavor kicks in. it’s not overpowering, and has a nice even flavor to it. Very tasty.

Strawberry: Strawberry shaped and red in color. Immediately flavorful, like a sweet strawberry jam. The taste starts off more floral then gets more intensely fruity and jammy toward the end.

Currant: Shaped like a real lemon, round with nibs on each end and dark purple in color. Oh, how I love that the purple is currant and not grape! The taste is immediately floral with rich, deep flavors of blackberries and raspberries. It’s a very rich, almost wine-like flavor. It’s so good. Love it.

These are awesome. Love then, they’re like a more convenient version of fruit pate. If you find them, I highly recommend trying them.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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