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Starburst Summer Fun Fruits

I admit, I’m a sucker for Starburst candies. Something about their chewiness and their intensely juicy flavors gets me every time. I’d choose them over fruit gummies any day as a kid, and that pretty much applied today as well. So when I saw this new roll of “Summer Fun Fruits”, I had to give them a shot!

Kiwi banana: The flavor is punchy with a big hit of kiwi banana right away. The kiwi is more sweet start and come forward first, and the banana is more subtle with it’s starchy sweetness and supports the bright kiwi flavor. It’s lovely.

Lemon-limeade: This starts our sweet with a lemony flavor that is fresh, juicy and zesty. The lime is more of an accent, it lends a bitter edge to the lemon which reminds me of key lime. there’s no hint of floor cleaner here, which is typical of some lime flavors, which makes me happy. It’s a wonderful flavor, and I loved it more than I thought I would. It’s yummy.

Cherry splash (tm): Not sure how this is going to be different from the normal cherry flavor in the other Starburst roll. Popping it into my mouth, I find out. This flavor is more…black cherry, than cherry. It still has that sharp fruitiness to it with a tart edge and that bitter red flavor to it, but this one is somehow more juicy and “real” than the other flavor. It’s very good.

Strawberry watermelon: I first taste the watermelon which is less artificial than I anticipated. The strawberry lends a bubblegum flavor to it, so the watermelon flavor tastes more authentic and sweet. It’s lacking that tart “Jolly Rancher” edge to it, and it’s most welcome that way. This is delightful with its flavors that are more sweet and delicate.

Usually when new set of flavors are released I’m pretty underwhelmed by them. That is not the case with these, I really enjoyed this roll of flavors. If you’re a fan of fruit chews, I recommend them.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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