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Golden Bonbon Green Tea Nougat

This find was a surprise to be sure. It’s been ages since I’ve seen, much less had any Golden Bonbon torrone/nougat. Yet, there is was just sitting on the shelf of my local Asian Market, just waiting for me to find it. I was delighted to see this East/West fusion of such a classic candy; the greet tea (matcha) flavor blended into Italian torrone. Not to mention I’ve had Golden Bonbon’s nougat in the past and I’ve greatly enjoyed it.

The package is a wonderful grassy green color that catches your eye right away. I love the little window on the front that lets you see each individually wrapped piece. It leaves nothing to the imagination and shows that this candy has nothing to hide.

The nougat comes in nice, bite sized pieces. The color is slightly greenish, from the matcha powder I’m sure. Each peace is amply studded with almonds, which have a wonderful fresh crunch when you bite into them. The nougat texture is soft and chewy, and the almonds and fresh and crunchy. A wonderful texture contrast.

The flavor is sweet at the start, then the grassy flavors of the green tea come forward. They mingle with the nutty notes of the almonds, and I gotta say, it’s really excellent. I haven’t tried anything like it before, and it works really, really well. I love it.

If you’re a fan of matcha, I’d certainly give this a try. It might be a bit adventurous for many traditional nougat lovers, but I can see many would find a new favorite with these.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Ragold Naturals Assorted Tropicals Jelly Fruits Bag

Headed back to my trusty gourmet foods store, I was hoping to stumble across a few things for my candy stashes. One of which was the Ragold Citrus Mix that I reviewed a few weeks ago. Happily I found them, but I also saw this new variety, the Tropical mix, right next to it. Of course I had to try it!

This mix has a bunch of flavors in it compared to the three flavors offered in the citrus mix. There’s also more colors and shapes too, so it’s fun to look at each of the little jellies. They’re like little gems or jewels almost.


Ragold Naturals Assorted Tropicals Jelly Fruits

Banana: flavor is sweet and starchy, and lightly of banana. it’s juicy and the flavor is very delicate.

Apple: Immediately a little tart and very floral. doesn’t taste of apple to me at all as it comes across as herbal, like a fruity herb tea.

Lemon: This has nice sharp sour notes and a smooth lemon flavor to it. mild in flavor too like the banana, and it’s sweet.

Peach: It’s very juicy with strong floral notes to it, something about it tasted…kinda odious? it was that fake peach flavor and it was strange.

Pineapple: Right away it’s juicy and very intense in flavor. the pineapple flavor is immediately tarty and intense, and it’s really like real pineapple. yum!

Strawberry: Very mild in flavor with sweet berry notes. It is lightly jammy, and difficult to detect in flavor.

Cherry: This has deep smooth flavor f dark cherries. like cherry juice, very woodsy ad sweet/tart. Really nice.

Pear: Juicy with citrus notes to it. didn’t remind me of pear at all, more like a melon.

I liked these a lot, better than the citrus mix! I was happy I found these, and I hope to find both varieties on my return trips.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


Guittard Non Pareils II

One of my favorite non pariels are the rainbow white chocolate ones. Sadly, they are hard to find, and ever harder to find ones made of real chocolate. *sighs*

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