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Two kinds, semisweet and milk

the buds are squatter, smaller hershe kisses. they have the form of a dollop of cololate being plopped into a mold, with the cute signature chocolate curl on top. The bottom of the buds have a molded pattern to them, a swirl eith “Wilbur” spelled out.

Milk Chocolate: Nice creamy brown color which is a nice look for milk chocolate. The flavor begins very sweetly, with nice nots of cream and butter. The chocolate flavor eases in to become the full flavor by the middle and end of the bug. it’s very chocolatey, but rounded out by the milky flavors. It melts smootly and creamy on the tongue.

SemiSweet: Much darker in color than the milk choco.ate. It’s got a suble sheen and a nice, middle brown color to it. The flavor starts out sweet, then the flavors of caramel, cream and coffee come forward, then a bloom of chocolate flavor with it’s nutty, and strong cocoa notes. It’s not as sweet as the milk, yet it’s as creamy in texture. Wonderful chocolate flavor that isn’t too sweet or too overpowering.


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