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Max Brennar Box

For my birthday my boyfriend took me out to Max Brenner’s for dinner. If you’re any sort of chocolate lover, you may have heard of him before. He’s an Australian chocolatier with the tag line “Chocolate By the Bald Man” and has opened up chocolate themed restaurants all over the world. I haven’t been able to get to one for some time, due to funds or lack of friends. So, the sweetheart that my boyfriend is, finally decided it was time that I went.

I hope to do a review on the full place sometime, but let me just state here that the food was awesome. Dinner was well portioned and extremely delicious, so much so that neither of us had the stomach space for any of his infamous chocolate desserts! So sad! However, to make up for it, we decided to take home some of his chocolate bonbons. We selected a few flavors from behind the big chocolate counters and left with some sweets to try later on.


Max Brennar Bonbons

Each of the bonbons are little squares, about an inch on each side, and about 1/2 inch tall. They have lovely designs on the tops of each so they’re easily told apart from one another.

Lemon Oil: The texture is super delicate and smooth. The ganache is terribly creamy and silky. The dark chocolate is rich with nice flavors of cherry and coffee, and the lemon oil gives it a nice citrus twist which plays on the nice acidic notes of the dark chocolate. Really lovely.

Cherry Cordial: This bonbon is really delicate and smooth. This is more smokey than the others, with the slightly bitter and fruit notes of a nice cordial. It’s not as cherry as I was expecting, but then again, this is flavored with cherry cordial, not just cherries so my expectation was skewed. Still delicious.

Wildflower Honey: The texture is more firm than the Lemon Oil one, but the ganache is still impeccably smooth. The flavor is of a milder, more milky dark chocolate with an added sweetness to it. You don’t taste the honey until the aftertaste, as the chocolate flavor washes away and you taste the flowery, earthy flavor of the honey.

Whiskey Ganache: This bonbon is firmer texture than the others. The chocolate is sweet and is immediately cut by the flavor of the whiskey. It’s got that nice alcoholic flavor without any of the burn.

Overall I was really impressed by these bonbons. They were flavorful and exciting, two things that I rarely find in a bonbon together. Now I just gotta get back to Max Brenner for more of these, and maybe some dessert this time.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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