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Junior Mints Pastels Box

Ooooo, another limited edition candy based on different colors! There’s been a few like these in the past, most standard candies have color variants for the holidays. Some do color variations for movie tie-ins. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen any, so I was surprised to see these at the local Dollar Tree. Considering that a lot of the Dollar Tree candy tends to be close to or past the expiration date on the package (or at least, from what I’ve noticed) I’m willing to bet these were a spring release earlier this year. I never actually saw them in the store, so I can’t say for sure.

Well, to be honest, there isn’t really anything special about these Pastel Junior Mints. They’re really just are regular Junior Mints but in pastel yellow and blue mockolate shells. That’s it. And I gotta admit, these candies don’t look good in these colors. You know how you have a friend who just looovees wearing that special puke green shirt, but it looks terrible on him? Well, that’s the case of these candies. These new colors make them appear special, but they look awful.


Junior Mints Pastels

The cracks in the shell are very visible with the new colors. So the candies end up looking beat up and unkempt. The taste the same as regular Junior Mints do. Strongly of mint with that creamy center, and a hint of chocolate from the mockolate outsides.

So, I can’t quite find a reason to recommend these, They look gross and they taste the same as the regular Junior Mints. Maybe if they were on sale or something? I don’t know. Try these if you dare, or if a color change would be something you’d get a kick out of.

Rating: Inedible



Links Junior Mint Web page


HiChew Durian

I picked up this HiChew during a recent trip to New York City’s Chinatown. I know Durian is quite an unusual flavor to put it mildly, still, I was curious to give it a shot. I have it stashed away for a day when I’m feeling brave….


Wilbur Chocolate Company Store

A few hours from my place in central Pennsylvania is the Wilbur Chocolate Company. They make all sorts of confections, with their most famous is the Wilbur Buds. They come in two varieties, semisweet and milk, and can be purchased from their factory store in Lititz, PA or online on their website. I bought a mixed bag in their store, and took photos as soon as I got home. I was very excited to try them.

The buds are squatter, smaller Hershey’s Kisses. They have the form of a dollop of chocolate being plopped into a mold, with the cute signature chocolate curl on top. The bottom of the buds have a molded pattern to them, a swirl with “Wilbur” spelled out. I find they much more attractive than Hershey’s Kisses, and they fit better in your mouth because of their more squat, rounded shape.


Wilbur Buds: Milk and Semisweet

Milk Chocolate: The buds are a nice creamy brown color which is a nice look for milk chocolate. The flavor begins very sweetly, with notes of cream and butter. The chocolate flavor eases in to become the full flavor by the middle and end of the bud. It’s very chocolatey, but rounded out by the milky flavors. It melts smoothly and creamy on the tongue.

Much darker in color than the milk chocolate. It’s got a subtle sheen and a nice, middle brown hue to it. The flavor starts out sweet, then the flavors of caramel, cream and coffee come forward, then a bloom of chocolate flavor with it’s nutty, and strong cocoa notes. It’s not as sweet as the milk, yet it’s as creamy in texture. Wonderful chocolate flavor that isn’t too sweet or too overpowering.

Be sure to check out Cybele’s post on Wilbur Buds over at She gives a wonderful review of them!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Wilbur Chocolate Company Website

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