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"Jack 'O Lantern" Chocolate Lollipops

Some old fashioned Jack O Lantern chocolate lollipops.


Mars Bar (USA)

Mars is a candy bar with a very confusing history. If you want to read the full story, I recommend you check out Wikipedia’s article on the Mars bar, but for here I’ll give you are more succinct version. Mars bar was originally a UK candy bar, which is essentially their version of our Milky Way: creamy nougat with a stripe of caramel covered in chocolate. There has been countless varieties and variations over the years, so it’s a little tricky to keep track of them.

So imagine my surprise when I see this Mars bar sitting in the checkout shelf in a Wal-Mart. The package is not the traditional UK style with the black background and the bright red lettering, so I realize this must be some version for the USA. I notice almonds decorating the packaging, which is an immediate tip off that this isn’t the traditional bar. Excited to try it, I nab one off the shelf and take it home with me.

Once the bar is out of the wrapper, it looks like any traditional candy bar: rectangular with a pretty chocolate enrobing pattern on top. It smells sweet and inviting.

I take a bite.

My first impression on the bar is the fresh crunchy almonds. They’re whole too, as far as I can tell. They’re the main flavor and texture of this bar, kinda like how the peanuts are for a Snickers bar. The caramel is not there at all, I hardly notice it and it doesn’t leave a trail at all when I bite into it. The nougat is sweet and fluffy, but doesn’t add much flavor. The milk chocolate is nice and sweet, and balances out the almonds.

Overall? It didn’t wow me in any way. The nuts were the nicest part, so if you’re into nutty candy bars or an almond lover. I suggest checking it out.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Mars Website


Chelsea Milk Peach '10

Another Chelsea flavor to review today! Compared to last week’s this one is very colorful and very pink! It’s a flavor from over the summer, Peach Milk! I’ve been seeing this one show up for a few years, so I believe this one is a real favorite over in Japan.

As always the package has a gorgeous pink design, complete with retro flowers. I know I always say it, but, I love it.

The candies once unwrapped are a light beige/pink color. The klink together like dominoes.

The flavor is very creamy, sweet, and with a nice floral peach flavor. The taste of peach is lightly floral, and very juicy with notes of berries, apple and passion fruit. Overall it’s a nice well rounded flavor, not too strong, not too mild, not too sweet. It’s really nice.

Rating:  Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Chelsea Website (Japanese)


Mary Jane Wicked Mix Bag

I found this expired bag of Mary Jane Wicked Mix on the shelf of a dollar store in the middle of August. I was interested because I’ve never seen this before, so I wanted to give it a shot despite the date on the bag. My boyfriend and I tried to eat them, but they had gotten to hard and lots of them had oil soaked their wax wrappers. Ah well, at least we tried!


Chelsea Praline Scotch

Like most Japanese candies, Chelsea comes out with season flavors and varieties. I found this box of Praline Scotch at an Asian Market in New York City. I am unsure if this was a winter or spring limited edition, but regardless it seems to be no longer listed on the website. No matter, seasonal candy, unlike fruit, is quite good still as time goes on.

The color scheme and design, like all Chelsea, is gorgeous. Full of color and retro flowers, it has to be one of my favorite candy packages ever. Praline Scotch follow a golden theme, with hints of orange and purple.

The candy itself is a rich dark brown color and smells like coffee. I can’t bring myself to throw away the wrappers as they’re so pretty. If only I knew how to make origami cranes out of them.

The flavor is very nutty right away. It really captures that buttery nuttiness of pralines. To compliment it, there’s a wonderfully creamy smoothness of the “scotch”, which I believe to be is caramel. Together it’s quite sweet, and it reminds me of Nutella in a way. It’s really excellent.

As always, I am impressed with this flavor from Chelsea. Never have they made something that tasted just “ok”. If you’re never had them before, do seek them out. They’re really a shining star in the candy world.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Chelsea Website

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