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RitterSport Milk Chocolate Whole Hazelnuts

This Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts it an example of a classic candy bar. It’s really beautiful in it’s simplicity: milk chocolate with hazelnuts. I usually hate chocolate bars with nuts in them, but call me crazy, but hazelnuts are different for me. Hazelnuts are less crunchy that other nuts, so instead of getting stuck in my teeth they easily break and are chewed with the chocolate. So, I was excited to give this bar a try because I was fairly certain it wouldn’t drive me crazy. 

Opening this Ritter Sport is a beautiful sight to see, because this bar doesn’t skimp on the hazelnuts. The nuts are whole and lavishly studding the chocolate, and they protrude like tiny hills from the chocolate bar, it’s beautiful.

The flavor is immediately sweet, creamy and chocolatey from the wonderful milk chocolate surrounding the whole hazelnuts. The chocolate has that nice dairy edge to it that I taste in most European chocolate. The hazelnuts are crunchy and fresh, and the texture goes from crunchy and creamy as you start to chew them. The whole effect is a very nicely textured bar with the overall flavor effect of Nutella.

This is a really well executed simple chocolate bar. It satisfies a nice texture contrast, so if you want Nutella flavor that’s more fresh and fun to eat, see this one out.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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