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RitterSport Milk Chocolate Whole Hazelnuts

This Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts it an example of a classic candy bar. It’s really beautiful in it’s simplicity: milk chocolate with hazelnuts. I usually hate chocolate bars with nuts in them, but call me crazy, but hazelnuts are different for me. Hazelnuts are less crunchy that other nuts, so instead of getting stuck in my teeth they easily break and are chewed with the chocolate. So, I was excited to give this bar a try because I was fairly certain it wouldn’t drive me crazy. 

Opening this Ritter Sport is a beautiful sight to see, because this bar doesn’t skimp on the hazelnuts. The nuts are whole and lavishly studding the chocolate, and they protrude like tiny hills from the chocolate bar, it’s beautiful.

The flavor is immediately sweet, creamy and chocolatey from the wonderful milk chocolate surrounding the whole hazelnuts. The chocolate has that nice dairy edge to it that I taste in most European chocolate. The hazelnuts are crunchy and fresh, and the texture goes from crunchy and creamy as you start to chew them. The whole effect is a very nicely textured bar with the overall flavor effect of Nutella.

This is a really well executed simple chocolate bar. It satisfies a nice texture contrast, so if you want Nutella flavor that’s more fresh and fun to eat, see this one out.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Ritter Sport Website (German)


Disney Candy Confections:  Pastry Shop

Candy apples have gotten very intricate in recent years. A good macro can show all the new textures they come in.


RitterSport Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Creme

Continuing on with the Ritter Sport reviews, today we have the Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Creme bar. It’s very attractive with it’s bright pink wrapper, which stands out on the shelf very well, even amongst the other Ritter Sport bars which use darker color schemes. Also, this bar supported the Breast Cancer Awareness for October (yes I’m a bit late on this), so the pink works for it on a second level too.

Enough about appearances though, you can’t judge candy properly that way. Chocolate must be tasted!

Snapping open the wrapper (yes Ritter Bars do that) you see the milk chocolate with it’s nice creamy brown color and the strawberry creme interior is a pretty pink with dark red strawberry bits in it. It’s an attractive looking chocolate bar. It smells sweet and lightly of strawberry jam.

The flavor is exactly like strawberry ice cream. I don’t taste any of the milk chocolate at all! The flavor starts out sweet then crescendos into this very milky strawberry flavor. Then you taste the bits of strawberry which deliver a intense burst of strawberry flavors. It’s incredible, I feel like I’m eating a spoon full of Breyers strawberry ice cream.

What can I say, this was really tasty. If you’re a fan of strawberries, this is something you should try.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Ritter Sport Website (German)


RitterSport Olympia

Ritter Sport are chocolate bars that I always see in stores and haven’t ever tried during my childhood. My parents were into European chocolate and they were fans of Lindt, but they’re creatures of habit so they seldom deviated from their first choice of sweets. It wasn’t until college when I was able to start buying for myself that I got to start tasting the Ritter Sport line. Once I did, I was very impressed.

I was contacted recently by Ritter Sport asking if I’d like samples to review for the website. Being a fan of their chocolate anyways, I accepted! I was then greeted with a box of chocolate in the mail shorty after, and the tasting begins.

I decided to start with the Olympia bar, which I was told is a bar that’s not available for sale in the US. The exotic one appealed to me first! So what’s the Olympia bar? The package describes, in German: “Jouhurt, Hoin, Nuss, Traubenzucker” which I believe is yogurt, honey, hazelnuts and glucose. Yes, glucose. Tasty, yes?

When breaking off one of the thick chocolate squared which are iconic to Ritter Sport, you immediately get a peek at the center. It’s a creamy white color white honey and nut chunks in it. You immediately smell the center, it’s sweet and milky and accented by the sweet chocolate.

The texture is smooth, accented with a crispy texture of the honey and nuts in the filling. It’s really interesting and the contrast is delightful. The flavor starts off creamy and sweet from the chocolate, then the tartness from the yogurt kicks in giving it a very dairy overtone. The honey has a really nice sweetness to it, an the flavor is really more about the honey and yogurt than the chocolate. It’s really awesome and a very unique flavor for a chocolate bar that I appreciate.

Loved this bar. It’s a unique flavor you don’t see in the USA that often, and therefore I really relished it. If you happen to be overseas and see this, you won’t regret trying one for yourself.

Rating: Hoard



Links Ritter Sport Website (German)


June Trade IV

This is an image of an old candy trade from June 2007 from a good Japanese friend of mine. It’s a great example of candy that’s been tapered to Japanese tastes. The flavors shown here are Red (Adzuki) bean, Green Tea and Black Sesame, all flavors which the Japanese people associate with sweets and have been used in confections for centuries. It’s cool to see how these flavors are now incorporated into modern candy.

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