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Terry Toffee Crunch

In my family, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a traditional Christmas treat. They’re a perfect stocking stuffer and me and my sisters and I always enjoyed opening on by whacking it hard on the coffee table and enjoying it with coffee as we spent Christmas morning with our family. Over the years it seems that Terry’s Chocolate Orange was hard to find at points, as I recall a few years where we went without them. I’ve seeing them resurface in recent times and I always feel the impulse to purchase them when I see them now. That is why this new variety of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, the Toffee Crunch, caught my eye when I saw it at my local Target.

One of the things that makes a Terry’s Orange so much fun is the fact that they’re interactive. You have to “whack and unwrap” them, because the segments are fused together by a chocolate center. You need to whack them loose in order to eat them. It’s pretty fun! So I whack the Toffee Crunch orange and start to work on the wrapper.

Once unwrapped, the orange smells surprisingly…like orange. I was expecting more toffee here, hence the name, but I guess I’m mistaken. Then popping a slice into my mouth, the orange flavor soon transformed into a creamy toffee flavor. The toffee flavor is very buttery with a nice toasted caramel flavor and blends beautifully with the creamy chocolate. There’s also a texture element at play here, as there’s bits of toffee mixed into the chocolate that provide a crunchy stickiness. It’s really delightful, as it’s not as cumbersome as a Heath or Skor bars where the toffee is ample enough to cement your teeth together.

This is a tasty remix of a classic. I really enjoyed it, and this is a good addition to any holiday tradition.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


Christmas Kisses: I

These are Hershey’s Peppermint Kisses from the first year they appeared in stores. Back then they were made with real chocolate as opposed to white mocklate that it is now. Regardless, they are still beautiful to look at.


M&Ms Cherry Cordial Bag

I was so, so excited to see these Cherry Cordial M&Ms on the shelves with all the other holiday candies this year. I haven’t seen these since the Wildly Cherry M&Ms disappeared from stores. I really loved them back then and was excited to have them back in my candy eating life.

The M&Ms come in an attractive red bag with, well, Red on them in the same sort of snow globe motif that Green was in for the Mint bag. The M&ms themselves are a mix of red and maroon colors, and it really makes me wish they’d do away with the blue M&M and replace it with the maroon color in the regular mix. It’d look SO much better.


M&Ms Cherry Cordial

The M&Ms smell slight of cherry, and it reminds me of a Cherry Tootsie Pop rather than cough syrup. Yay!

They taste just like they smell: a rich, sweet, dark cherry flavor that is more sweet and fruity than fake and medicinal. The cherry flavor quickly dissipates and you then get the smooth, sweet chocolate. Very impressive, as they taste just as I remember them.

I shared these with my boyfriend just to make sure I wasn’t looking through rose colored glasses with these. He adored them as well, along with the other friends I shared them with. Do give these a try, as I haven’t come across anyone who hasn’t adored them yet.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links M&Ms Website


M&Ms Mint Bag

M&Ms has some special holiday flavors in stores this year. The first one is the Mint M&M and it’s easy to spot it’s green package on store shelves. The package sport Green in a snow globe with snowflakes and then pictures of the M&M candies besides her. It’s fitting that Green represents the Mint M&Ms, especially since she was on the original wrappers back when Mint M&Ms made an appearance as a limited edition Mint Crisp flavor for the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls movie.

The mint M&Ms are beautifully festive in red, green and white colors. The size of the M&Ms vary a lot here. There’s some smaller ones and a few that are very large. That makes reaching your hand in the bag pretty fun ad you can feel the different sizes, all smooth and delightful feeling like candy pebbles.


M&Ms Mint

So how do they taste? So very, very good. These have a wonderful crunch when you bite down on them from the candy shell, and you immediately taste the wonderful minty flavor that’s extremely refreshing. The chocolate adds just the right amount of sweetness too. Just as you finish the first one you find your hand reaching in the bag for another. And another. And another.

These are not only festive looking but festive tasting as well. I can’t get enough of this flavor and I highly recommend these to anyone who’s a mint/peppermint fan or an M&M fan.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Wonka SweetTarts Candy Canes

So very colorful for the holidays! I love the new color schemes that break the traditional color palette. With such colors, I’m sure these candy canes are good for any time of year.

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