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Watering KissMint Muscat

Ah! Another Watering KissMint flavor. Yes, when I was in Famima that original time, I couldn’t help but get another flavor besides the Lychee and Lemon. They had a berry flavor, a mint flavor, but when I saw this muscat grape flavor I knew I wanted to go for this one. It was original, plain and smile, and a flavor not found commonly amongst American styled chewing gum.

The grape shared the same beautifully styled packaging as the Lychee and Lemon except the color scheme is different. Here it’s purple instead of yellow, which is very fitting for the flavor.

The gum smells sharp and perfumey like a muscat grape. The aroma is easily noticeable once you open the package to grab a piece.

The flavor is very sharp and pronounced at first. You get that wonderful juicy, apple/peach flavor of muscat grapes with that strong tart edge to it. It’s really lovely. The flavor comes across as very juicy and authentic as opposed to American grape flavors which are more bland and sugary-sweet. The flavor on this one lasted much longer than the Lychee Lemon flavor, so I was able to chew it for a very long time.

This flavor is awesome to me, it’s unique and has flavor stamina when chewed. I’m going to have to go back and get more, for sure.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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