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Sunkist Citrus Burst

It’s not often you see citrus flavors other than orange in the mint aisle in the store. Yes, you see gum frequently flavored with orange, as orange is the star child of the citrus fruits. This is why I was so surprised when I found the Ice Breakers Cool Lemon, and even more excited when I found this Sunkist Citrus Burst in Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor.

The tin is pretty and compact. It’s main color scheme is pink with accents of yellow and blue. The cap pops open easily and the mints roll out easily. They look like little pink pills, round and pink with a big “S” stamped cleanly into them. Each piece is pristine and kept safe in the tin. There’s no aroma from what I can detect.

The flavor starts out tasting like a fresh glass of squeezes grapefruit juice. I am not kidding! It’s sour and sweet and really tastes authentic with it’s fresh, at moments bitter, citrus notes. The only thing that breaks the illusion for me is the taste of the artificial sugar in there, but goodness there as good!

Really loved these. They says “Ruby Red Grapefruit” flavored and they delivered. A must if you’re a grapefruit fan.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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