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Starburst Crazy Beans Bag

These Starburst “Crazy Beans” are a new jelly bean I spotted this year on the Easter candy shelves. The purple edges on the bag are really eye catching (especially paired with the yellow background, opposites on the color wheel and all that). The premise behind these new Crazy Beans is that each bean has two flavors in one. As if the shell is one flavor and the interior jelly is another. That’s a pretty fun premise.

Firstly, I have to thank Starburst for putting a flavor guide on the back of the bag. That way I can at least get an idea of what I am tasting, especially when they decide to give the flavors crazy names (which they did). When opening the bag it smells extremely fruity and a little sour, so I expect to taste some tartness in these beans.

The beans are colorful and very opaque. The shells have a sheen to them but no luminosity at all. You can see the dark flecks of air bubbles in the candy shell exterior, which give the beans a mottled look to them.


Starburst Crazy Beans

Grape-aid (purple):
Is tart like a lemon, has a nice juicy flavor with an authentic tartness. I don’t taste anything grape about this one.

Peach-A-Palooza (orange):  A nice peach/orange mix that compliments each flavor beautifully. it’s nicely sweet with no tartness. a tasty bean.

Tropical Cherry Splash (blue):
Immediately it tastes…peachy. I get a sense of “tropical” in here because it tastes of punch. but nothing tastes like cherry here.

Razzin Watermelon (Pink): Starts of tasting like lemon. I don’t taste any notes of watermelon, it’s more like lemonade.

Banana Berry Blast (yellow): This one just tastes…sweet, like cotton candy.

Strappleberry (green):
  Tart and tastes like melon and raspberries.

So overall, none of the flavor really spoke to me. I can see how these could appeal to kids who’d enjoy the neon-like colors and crazy flavor combinations. But for me, these didn’t wow me enough with the flavors, they came across more strange than the did “cool” or remarkably tasty.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

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