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Starburst Jellybeans Tropical

I saw these new Starburst Tropical Jelly Beans along side the “Crazy Beans” I reviewed earlier this week. I hadn’t seen these before, so I’m assuming they’re new. Another possibility is I just haven’t been visiting the right stores in order to see them in previous years. Either way, I was excited to give them a try since unlike the “Crazy Beans”, these jelly beans have flavors based on the Starbust Chew candies, which I am a big fan of.

The bag smells fruity and exotic, as I get lots of notes of mango, pineapple and punch. This package also gives a list of flavors, but they’re not as detailed as the “Crazy Beans” as those had illustrations to go with the descriptions. Here you just gotta do your best to guess. The mix I got in this bag was very heavy on the pinks, reds and oranges. I didn’t get a lot of green or yellow beans, which, it probably a kid’s best candy dream since not many prefer the green or yellow flavors anyways. 


Starburst Jellybeans Tropical

Mango Melon (orange):
starts off mild with light notes of mango. it’s juicy and sweet. the orange adds an evenness to the flavor which makes it not too sweet, but the flavor is more juicy.

Pineapple Orange: (yellow):
Flavor is sweet orange at first, then blossoms with the juicy flavors of pineapple. the flavor comes across as a little off since there’s not tartness to the pineapple, it’s really, really sweet. Tasty, but not everything I hoped for.

Tropical Punch (red): Immediately tastes of citrus and passion fruit with a hint of pineapple. has nice sweet notes that really taste of punch.

Kiwi Strawberry (green): Starts off sweet and doesn’t really develop any other flavors. it’s off, but just sweet.

Watermelon (pink): taste like that funny fake melon flavor with odd perfumey notes twinged with sweetness.

Strawberry Banana (light pink):
Immediately notes of banana twinged with berry notes. It’s a little sour, which confuses me, as neither strawberries nor bananas are sour. Strange.

I liked these a lot more than I did the “Crazy Beans” from earlier this week. The flavors were a lot more recognizable and authentic. These colors appeal to me more as well and feel more “Eastery” to me, which is silly since anything bright and colorful can be considered as such. As a “new” addition to Starburst’s Jelly Bean line, I think these are a tasty addition.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

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