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Trolli Soda Poppers Bag

These “Soda Poppers” are the last of the samples that were sent to me from Trolli. Sad! I had so much fun with these reviews. These Soda Poppers are also a new candy for Trolli, much like the Big Bold Bears. These are gummi candies based on sodt drink flavors. Alreay they’re unique, cause the only other candy of this type I can think of is those Super Cola Bottles by Haribo.

I want to take a moment and give kudos to Trolli for successfully pulling off a candy packaging while using black as the wrapper background color. Candy usually appeals with bright and colorful colors, yet Trolli uses black as a backdrop to enhance the colors they do decide to use. It’s adventurous and it works for me. The only other time I see it is with more “classic” candies, like Big Hunk and types of licorice. Still, well done. Ok, back to candy….

The premise behind these candies is they’re gummis flavored after popular soft drinks. The gummis are shaped like little barrels and are both color coded and labeled with the flavors. Pretty nice that they had a mold for each kind. The gummis have that sweet, generic “cola” flavor wafting up from the bag once I opened it. Each piece is nicely squishy and are brightly colored, so it’s easy to tell them apart, even the cola and root beer flavors.


Trolli Soda Poppers

Cola (light brown): Starts off tasting like a good cola should,. Sweet with spicy notes to it. This one particularly reminded me of Pepsi, but take that with a grain of salt since it’s really been years since I drank soda of any type. Still, this remained flavors and accurate to my memory, and I found it to be very tasty.

Cherry Cola (red): The flavor starts off mild and sweet of a diet coke, then it explodes into a flavor similar to Dr Pepper, it has a distinct cherry note to it. I think the cola flavor here is a little more mild, but it works here.

Root Beer (dark brown):
The flavor starts off woodsy and sweet, like a good root beer. Then the more spicy wintergreen note arrives and really smooths out the whole flavor. Lovely.

Orange Soda (orange):
This one is fun. They captured the flavor straight on. The flavor of the very sweet, yet orangey with no hints of bitterness or authenticity. Amazing.

Lemon Lime (lime yellow):  The flavor is very mild in this one. It reminds me of the lime jelly bean, but way weaker in flavor . It does taste of soda…but it’s more like mountain dew than sprite or 7up. 

There are wonderful. It’s really refreshing to get gummis in new flavors like these. They’re tasty and unique. I’m not sure where they’re going to be sold in stores, but if you see them, they’re totally worth a try!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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