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Skittles Blenders Bag

I had heard about these new Skittles Blenders! through whisperings on the internet. Without a real hint as to where I might find them, I was happy with knowing I’d stumble across them eventually. That’s exactly what happened on a work break where my friend and I decided to walk over to a convenience store. We were both suffering from the afternoon slump and figured a quick walk should do the trick, plus she was hankering for some beef jerky. So lo and behold, inside the store, sat these new Skittle. I found candy gold, yay!

The wrapper’s color scheme is gorgeous as always with lots of bold, bright colors. The main color base is yellow, which reminds me of the Carnival Skittles from a few years ago. That makes me a little sad because I adored those flavors….ah, *ahem* annnyyways. Yes, Skittles Blenders! yellow color, yes. 

Upon openings the package it smells sweet and fruity, and it reminds me of that “pink” strawberry flavor you find with candy sometimes. It’s a hard to place, sweet, berry flavor that just reads as a color. The color palette of the Skittle is a strange, some are very intense in hue and others a little pastel. 

Skittles Blenders

Melon Berry (blue): This starts off very sweet and fruity. It’s hard to lay my finger on it, but yes, it does comes across as honey dew and berries. It gets more tart toward the end of the candy, which is strange. Still, this one was tasty and pleasant.

Strawberry Lime Blast (pink): I immediately taste both flavored at the start. Sweet berry with a hint of floor cleaner. The flavors keep battling for the forefront throughout the entire chew of the candy. One moment it’s insanely sweet, the next tastes of chemicals. It’s strange.

Watermelon Green Apple Freeze (green): The flavor starts out tasting a tad like bananas before the juicy watermelon flavor starts to kick in. It’s tart and is that artificial watermelon flavor. The green apple doesn’t kick in until almost the end, where it’s even more tart and zesty flavor kicks through. An interesting blend.

Mango Lemonade (orange): Starts off very perfumey and floral. The flavor then mellows out a little and you get a sweetness which is non descriptive. I was looking for hints of lemon but there wasn’t any. Instead this has a very pungent taste to it, my take it’s the best “chemical” produced flavor for mango they have yet. Strange and a little sad since I was very much looking forward to this one.

Cherry Tropicolada (red): Flavor is generically fruity at first, with hints of banana and pineapple. The cherry shows through for a moment, with its bright “red” flavors, but the juicy taste of the tropics easily drowns it out.

I found these tasty and like regular Skittles I’d eat them again if they were handed to me. I found them much more enjoyable than the Berry and Tropical flavors, but they still don’t stand up to the Carnival version in my mind. So if you’re a Skittles fan, they’re worth a try!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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