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Starburst Fiesta

I found this package of Starburst Sweet Fiesta in the same store as I found the Skittle Blenders from last week. The discovery took me by surprise, and I was totally excited to give these a taste. I’d seen pictures of them floating around the internet, with no indication of where they were found. I snatched up a roll of these and happy went to the checkout.

I am a long time Starburst fan, so it’s a candy I am always willing to return to. My favorites are the original flavors and the “California Fruits”, the name they went by in the ‘80s when I was a kid, or “Baja” fruits as they called them before they discontinued them. It’s the one with the blue on the packaging in case you remember. Starburst does limited edition flavors every so often. There was Starburst Retro, Starburst Twisted, Starburst Smoothies, Starburst Berries & Crème….yeah, you get the idea. So I am unsure of these Sweet Fiesta flavors are a one in a blue moon thing of if they actually have a permanent place in the Starburst family.

So here we have “Sweet Fiesta” flavors. The packaging is nice, using the purple color to highlight the new flavor and to keep things colorful. The flavor list took some turning of the package to find, but it lists Cherry Mango, Peach Guava, Melon Berry and Strawberry Pineapple. Ok, call me skeptical but none of those really scream “fiesta” to me. Most are more mundane fruit flavors splashed with some tropical ones. Eh, we’ll see once I taste them I guess.

Cherry Mango (red): The taste is sweet and very start at first. it’s sweet, then the sweetness grows into what taste just like cherries and mango, which, mushed together, tasted like tropical punch. Tasty!

Peach Guava (orange): I’m excited about this one. The taste is immediately sweet and juicy at first. The flavor of the peach shows pup and softens the tartness notes. The guava is unnoticeable to be honest, and the flavor gets really tart and starts to taste like pineapple. This isn’t something I was expecting. I was hoping this would be very juicy and tropical tasting, but nope, it’s pineapple.

Strawberry Pineapple (pink): Starts of tasting like the regular strawberry flavor, but with more tart, juicy notes of the pineapple. I have to say that the strawberry is the more dominant flavor of the two, but you still get a nice taste of the other, so it’s a good blending.

Melon Berry (green): Tastes of honey dew melon to start. The flavor is sweet with only a slight tang to it. I get more “berry notes” in it towards the end, and they just taste more “fruity” than of any specific berry. Still the melon part is very nice, with juicy flavors and a floral edge to it. Yummy.

The flavors were good but not enough to “wow” me. I was looking most forward to Peach Guava and it ended up not tasting of the fruit at all, which was disappointing. Still, it’s a solid selection of Starburst flavors, so if you’re a big fan I’d recommend trying them. These were yummy, just not what I was hoping for. Can I have my Baja California Fruits flavor back please?

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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