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Tree Top Fruit Snacks Bags

I was recently presented with a lovely selection of samples of different kinds of fruit snacks from Farley’s and Sathers Candy Company, Inc. I want to make note of again, before I start all these reviews, that because I accept free samples from companies doesn’t mean I am guaranteeing them a great review or any other from of repayment for the free stuff. No, I review this stuff because I like to try things. If the product stinks, I’ll say so.

With that being said, I figured I’d start this fruit snack review with the thought of: are fruit snacks candy? I wouldn’t have thought so right away, and then I noticed Cybele over at reviewed these Simpson’s Fruit Snacks. When I now think about it, yeah, they are re-packaged gummi candies. It’s just they’re not every shelved with the candy items in the store, so it must be there to dupe Mother’s into thinking these are a good substitute for fruit. Or at least that’s what kids want them to think.

Heck, as a kid, I loved these things. I was the best day ever, when I found a packet of these in my lunch box. Which, wasn’t very often at all. Even now, my boyfriend still loves these things, and you should have seen the smile on his face when we saw me bring these home. I had to be very careful he didn’t eat them all before I did my reviews.

These TreeTop Fruit Snacks were my only samples that didn’t come in a complete box. I only know TreeTop for the fruit juice boxes I’ve seen in stores, I’ve never actually had them since I’m not a big juice drinker.


Tree Top Fruit Snacks Fruit Dimentions

The “Fruit Dimensions” appeared to be more tropical and citrus oriented:

Orange: Juicy and has some peachy notes to it at first. More orange flavors show up afterward but they’re very mild.

Peach: Mild and juicy, more like a berry flavor. It’s very jammy, and no real “peach” flavors to me.

Pineapple: very floral and juicy, has notes I’d expect from pineapple. Yum.

Berry: mild and juicy. this tastes like a ripe blackberry to me, but much sweeter.

Pomegranate: Oddly starchy and bland. The flavor reminds me of cardboard. Yucky and strange.


Tree Top Fruit Snacks

The plainer “Fruit Snacks” variety are more berry based:

Orange: Much different than the last one. This one actually tastes like orange. Bight, zesty citrus notes. I really liked it.

Cherry: Nice and sweet with deep black cherry flavors. Doesn’t come off as medicinal at all.

Strawberry: Mild, but very jammy and sweet. I like it.

Berry: Sweet and mild as well. The flavor isn’t very distinct at all. Can’t say what berry it is.

These are pretty tasty. Some of the flavors didn’t “wow” me but that’s really no good gauge as to how a kid would react to these. I let my boyfriend taste these too and he enjoyed them, so as far a fruit snack choices, if the flavors here appeal to you, these are worth a try.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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