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Hawaiian Punch Fruit Snacks

My next round of fruit snacks come from Hawaiian Punch. I was excited to see they are branching out in regard to their products. The only other candy item of Hawaiian Punch’s that I know of is their jelly beans (which I liked). I was never a big drinker of Hawaiian Punch, but I do recall liking the flavor on rare occasions.

Firstly, I want to address the box. Sorry, but the newly rendered drawing of the mascot is just creepy. The original 2D drawing of him with his very abstract beachcomber hat is so fun and iconic to me. I really loved how they almost looked like antlers.

I was impressed with the large flavor variety these snacks had. They managed to take all sorts of flavors and give them trademarked names no less, and all of them are kinda in that tropical themed area. Very fun.

Orange Ocean: Shaped like an orange slice, the color is a deep orange red. Just smells sweet and fruity. The flavor is very bright and orange, with nice tart notes to it.

Green Berry Rush: Looks like a raspberry but it’s a light, neon green color. The flavor is strange, it’s like a lime/strawberry flavor. Strange tart notes with a jammy sweetness.

Lemon Berry Squeeze: Shaped like a whole lemon, even with dimples! The flavor is more mellow than the others. It tastes like a typical lemon fruit snack, it has lemon flavors but isn’t tart at all.

Fruit Juicy Red: This one is the Hawaiian Punch fella in bright, deep red. The taste is very mild, you barely get notes of the Hawaiian punch flavor amongst the sweetness.

Mango Passion Fruit Squeeze: This one is also Hawaiian Punch fella in shape, but is more of a light yellow orange. The taste is very peachy and vibrant. I get some notes of melon in there. By far the most tropical tasting of the bunch.

Berry Blue Typhoon: This is the Hawaiian Punch logo in a teal green color. The taste is sweet and vague. It has berry notes to it but it’s forgettable.

I think this is a packet of fruit snacks that kids (and kids at heard) who’d like a lot. They come in a bunch of fun colors and flavors. And even though I found some of the flavors to be unexciting to me, I feel any kid would be totally pumped to get these in their lunchbox. It’s more that overall, these taste “fun”. So from the angle of a kid, I’d be excited about them. I know at least back in school I would be.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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