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Hawaiian Punch Splashers

Here’s the second of the Hawaiian Punch fruit snacks reviews. These are different from the last variety since these are, from what it looks like, Hawaiian Punch’s version of “Gushers”. Basically, those are fruit snacks with a gooey liquid center. My boyfriend was super excited about these, since this type of fruit snack is super special compared to the “normal” variety. The kind parents didn’t like to buy since these are more expensive and they look more like real candy than the others.

Unlike the other Hawaiian Punch fruit snacks, these do not have the big flavor variety. These only come in four flavors and even then the flavor variation per package was very uneven. Many were all red and a few were all blue with one orange flavor in them.

Fruit Juicy Red: The flavor is very “red” without being too metallic or medicinal. Starts off very nondescript at first, then blooms into that fruity Hawaiian Punch flavor. Notes of orange, pineapple, passion fruit and cherries is what I detect. Tasty and faithful to the original.

Lemon Berry Squeeze: Much milder and sweeter than the Fruit Juicy Red flavor. Notes of zest and lemonade perks up quickly and gives this flavor a nice zing to it.

Berry Blue Typhoon: This one is more sour and berry flavored than the others. For once the flavor isn’t misleading! It does have some of that “artificial” blue flavor to it, but it also has some nice berry flavor in there for once.

Of course the texture of these is really fun. The chewy outer part is thick and satisfying, and the gush from the center’s filling is fun and tasty. Out of all of these my boyfriend picked these out and ate the first. I’m assuming any kid would do the same.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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