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Goody Good Stuff TropicalFruit Bag

Today we have my second sample from the vegetarian gummi maker Goody Good Stuff; Tropical Fruit! Out of the samples I was given, I received gummis from their vegetarian friendly flavors. They also have vegan friendly gummis too, which I was pleased to learn about. I will make a point to try them someday, since I am curious as to how those will stand up to “normal” gummies. Regardless, Tropical Fruit gummis on tap today!

Upon opening the bag the smell is exactly of a can of Del Monte fruit salad. No joke. I even asked my boyfriend to take a whiff just in case I was crazy. He also thought it smelled like a can of fruit salad. The gummis themselves are adorable. They have a nice tropical shape theme to them with palm trees, pineapples, berries and bananas. The gummies had a habit of sticking to each other I noticed. They weren’t sticky in my hands however, and they had a nice weight to them. They are somewhat translucent, if you hold them up to the light you can easily see through them. Much like the Sour Fruit Salad gummies I reviewed last time, they’re super attractive:


Goody Good Stuff Tropical Fruit

White Pineapple: Tastes fruity and of pineapple. Reminds me of the white Haribo gummi bear. It’s juicy and lightly zesty.

Yellow Banana: Starchy and sweet with a light perfume note. A typical banana flavor similar to circus peanuts.

Green Palm Tree: This is a surprise, it’s melon flavored! I was expecting apple. It tastea of fake watermelon at first then mellows into a juicy authentic honeydew.

Red Raspberry: Sweet and slightly taste with an herbal flavor. The “berry” flavor is faint and doesn’t show up until halfway through the chewing the gummi.

Red Strawberry: Has more of a fruity flavor than the raspberry. It’s more jammy, but the flavor is also mild and strangely herbal.

Orange Slice: Juicy and peachy! I didn’t expect that at all. Very sweet with perfume notes.

I shared these with my friends too and received very positive feedback on them. A great option for tropical gummies with no gelatin. I myself didn’t notice any difference in texture or flavor from more “normal” gummies. A must try regardless if you’re vegetarian or not!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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