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Fiat and Fiat Noir

Fiat was a candy find that I really just stumbled across in one of the many gourmet stores all over Los Angeles. In this specific one my boyfriend and I popped in because they’re supposed to have outstanding burgers, but I also found some cool candy in their store while I waited. One of them was the Fiat and the Fiat Noir. They both were in little displays at the cash registers. Seeing as they were from Majani chocolate company from Bologna, Italy, I figured they would be a small indulgence and were worth a try. Especially since they said “Gianduja” on them. Yum, yum!

Each Fiat is a little cube about 1/2 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide. The white/red paper wrappers conceal the edges to a foil wrapper that protects the gianduja. It’s simple and attractive to look at. You can faintly smell their rich sweetness through the package.

Once out of the wrappers each cube is beautiful to look at. You can see different layers of chocolate and lighter gianduja in the cubes, so they look very decorative.

The Fiat Noir has two chocolate sides sandwiching a center of gianduja, so it looks like a colorful two tone cube. The flavor is intensely rich of chocolate and gianduja. The hazelnut notes are impeccable with sweet nutty flavors and a nice roasted taste. The chocolate is smooth and creamy but not too sweet. The overall effect is a less sweet, but strong and fancier Nutella.

Fiat milk chocolate has a much lighter color scheme. This one has light creamy beige and milk chocolate stripes. The flavor is more hazelnut and very sweet. You don’t taste much chocolate flavor here, just intense nutty flavors and sweetness. It reminds me of a hazelnut peanut butter in a way. Really tasty.

These were both incredible. They were flavorful, delicious, rich and satisfying. The cube was just the right portion size too. They went fantastically with a cup of coffee. My boyfriend and I shared them for as long as I small stash remained. We will definitely be stopping to get more next time we’re close to that store again.

Rating: Hoard



Links Majani Website (Italian)


Annabelle's RockyRoad

Annabelle’s Candy Company is a candy maker that I am very fond of. The reason for this is they are a classic candy company, once that has been around since 1950 located in the San Francisco bay area. They make a few classic candy bars, like Look!, Abba Zabba, U-No, and my favorite: Big Hunk. Just to name a few! One of their many candy bars is the Rocky Road bar, which we have here. It’s a hard bar to miss in it’s bright vibrant red package and large lettering.

Rocky Road is described as “Milk Chocolate Coasted Marshmallow with Cashews”, so very much like the Rocky Road ice cream we all know and love. It’s a long rectangular bar, and doesn’t feel heavy at all. It clocks in only at 1.82 oz. The bar smells sweet and of cocoa. With that I felt the need to look at the ingredients, and yes, this chocolate it real. No mockolate here, yay!

So the construction of the Rocky Road is a big marshmallow coated in chocolate with the top sprinkled with little pieces of cashews. The flavor is very delicate. The sweet marshmallow taste nicely of vanilla and is light and airy. The chocolate sticks nicely to the marshmallow, and it has a mild chocolate flavor that compliments it nicely. You don’t taste or feel the texture of the cashews, just you can see the pieces when you look at a bitten section of the bar. The overall flavor is a nice representation of the Rocky Road flavor.

I liked this bar, but it’s not something I’d specifically crave. Marshmallow isn’t my favorite of fillings, I usually go for nougat, caramel or fudge. Still, it’s a tasty, well put together candy bar, and if you’re a big marshmallow/rocky road fan, this bar is a must try.

Rating:  Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Annabelle’s Candy Company Website


Catch Bar

A candy bar from the Dominican Republic that mimics the “100 Grand Bar” we get here in the USA. A “catch” indeed!


VanSlooten Flowers & Butterflies Can

Since licorice is one of my favorite varieties of candies I’m always looking to try new kinds and brands. Licorice isn’t very popular in the USA, so it’s somewhat tricky to find a good selection. That’s why import stores have become a to-go to place, since they often the only stores where I can get my fix. This tube of VanSlooten’s Flowers & Butterflies licorice was a recent find from Cost Plus World Market, which is a store that has yet to disappoint me with their licorice selection. So far my experience has taught me that Dutch and German licorice brands are my favorites, so I was very excited about finding these since they’re Dutch.

I like the packaging. It allows for you to have some licorice and save the rest for later a lot more easily than the bag styles. Especially since certain types of licorice can go stale. These licorice candies are all covered in pretty sanded sugar, so they don’t look so intense and black like some licorice can appear. The tube smells rich and herbal, which is an aroma I love and usually is a good sign for the candy.

The shapes of these licorices are pretty cute! The light colored ones are all butterflies, and all the flowers are black. I noticed two different molds for the butterflies, or it maybe have been how the one style has been squished and shaped in the can.


VanSlooten Flowers & Butterflies

Butterflies: Same as a type of licorice called “Groitten” which are licorice sugar cubes. The flavor is nice and mild and a strong flavor of molasses with a subtle edge of salt. the texture is soft and chewy and has a nice give to it.

Daisy Flower: Much chewier in texture than the others. The flavor is sweet and very mildly of licorice. Like the butterfly, it has a strong flavor of molasses, but it doesn’t have the salty kick to it. Very tasty, I’m a fan!

Sunflower: The texture here is also pretty chewy, the flavor is similar to the daisy with strong molasses notes to it and mild licorice taste.

Tulip: This one is my favorite. The texture is chewy and you immediately get a wonderful strong, sweet licorice flavor. It’s herbal, it’s sweet, and it’s just wonderful.

I really loved this collection of licorice. Each piece varies in flavor slightly so if you’re in the mood for one type you can just pick out that specific flavor. I really liked the whole selection and feel it’s a solid assortment. It was easily gone in a week. A must for any licorice lover.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


VanSlooten Sun & Fun Fruitgums Can

Everyone has their preferences with candy, and that’s the beauty of it all. I have preferences just like everyone else, but I also enjoy trying everything because I’m a big foodie like that. One candy that’s always in my stash are gummis. Both my boyfriend and I are big fans of gummi candies, so we’re always looking for new kinds and well as keeping the classic favorites around. When I saw these VanSlooten Sun & Fun gummis, I was interested since I’ve never seen anything like these before.

The come in a convenient tube with a removable top. The package design is simple, yet eye-catching. The photos of the gummis are pretty spot on in representing the candies on the inside, so it’s not a sad surprise when you do go about opening the package. The top was a little hard to remove at first, but once I practiced it a few times I had it down. The package smells fruity and sweet, but not of any particular fruit.


VanSlooten Sun & Fun Fruitgums

Green: Hard to lay my finger on this place. It isn’t lime or watermelon, but it has juicy fruity notes and a pleasant flavor. My best guess is it’s apple.

Beige/Brown (Cola): Sweet with spicy notes to it, like a good cola should. It reminds me more of Pepsi than Coke, as the spice flavor is more predominant.

Red: Sweet and floral, and surprisingly mild. Not really sure what this one is supposed to be. I get soapy notes every so often. Whatever it is I’m not quite sold on it.

Orange: Orange, but more like an orange cola flavor. It has some strange spicy/bitter notes to it that remind me of some orange candies I taste around Halloween.

Green/Maroon: This one is sweet and tasty. Has notes of “red” and berries. I think it’s trying to be strawberry or cherry, but the taste is so nondescript that I cannot place my finger on it.

These proved to be interesting all right. The flavors seemed kinda benign and muddled, but that didn’t stop me from eating them after the tasting. I shared them with my friends, like I do all my candies, and they liked these too. One especially with smitten with their dense, chewy texture. When I really sit down and think about it, I finally touched on what these remind me of: wine gums. Regardless, if you’re a gummi fan, these are a fun variety to try!

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again


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