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Goody Good Stuff Strawberry Cream Bag

The last but not the least of my Goody Good Stuff sample reviews. This one is the Strawberry Cream flavor, which I think is a great flavor for gummi candy, but sadly you don’t see it around very often. The most standard one that comes to mind are those that are shaped like strawberries and have that pink foam bottom to them, like these by Trolli. I know Haribo also does a version of them but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered them myself. I think I’ve had the Trolli version of that though. Are you confused now? Good.

Anyways, I digress, and back to the Strawberry Cream gummis at hand made my Goody Good Stuff. These are also in their line of “vegetarian friendly gummies they have. I really loved the idea of these, and was even more excited when I saw the gummis through the window in the pretty package they come in. They’re little berry shapes a little smaller than a penny. There’s two colors: red for strawberry and white for cream. You can eat them alone or together.


Goody Good Stuff Strawberry Cream

See? They’re pretty aren’t they?

Strawberry: This one is more fruity and jammy, with ripe berry notes. Its has a nice sweetness to it. It’s isn’t too punchy or too mild.

Cream:The cream is mildly sweet and full of vanilla flavor at the very end. It’s easy to consider this one just “sweet”.

Together: The berry flavor is less pronounced, and it tastes much sweeter. You get an accent of vanilla towards the end which really makes the flavor feel well rounded.

These are simply adorable and I really like them. I can imagine them in other applications too, for instance I bet they’d be cute as cupcake decorations. So far I am really impressed with Goody Good Stuff, and I look forward to making a purchase to try more of their candies in the future.

Rating:  Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Rakugan Shapes Detail

Rakugan is a type of “wagashi”, or traditional Japanese sweet. It’s a compressed sugar confection, and is molded into shapes for different seasons. These are July rakugan gifted to me a few years ago by a good friend in Kyoto. Aren’t they pretty?


Goody Good Stuff TropicalFruit Bag

Today we have my second sample from the vegetarian gummi maker Goody Good Stuff; Tropical Fruit! Out of the samples I was given, I received gummis from their vegetarian friendly flavors. They also have vegan friendly gummis too, which I was pleased to learn about. I will make a point to try them someday, since I am curious as to how those will stand up to “normal” gummies. Regardless, Tropical Fruit gummis on tap today!

Upon opening the bag the smell is exactly of a can of Del Monte fruit salad. No joke. I even asked my boyfriend to take a whiff just in case I was crazy. He also thought it smelled like a can of fruit salad. The gummis themselves are adorable. They have a nice tropical shape theme to them with palm trees, pineapples, berries and bananas. The gummies had a habit of sticking to each other I noticed. They weren’t sticky in my hands however, and they had a nice weight to them. They are somewhat translucent, if you hold them up to the light you can easily see through them. Much like the Sour Fruit Salad gummies I reviewed last time, they’re super attractive:


Goody Good Stuff Tropical Fruit

White Pineapple: Tastes fruity and of pineapple. Reminds me of the white Haribo gummi bear. It’s juicy and lightly zesty.

Yellow Banana: Starchy and sweet with a light perfume note. A typical banana flavor similar to circus peanuts.

Green Palm Tree: This is a surprise, it’s melon flavored! I was expecting apple. It tastea of fake watermelon at first then mellows into a juicy authentic honeydew.

Red Raspberry: Sweet and slightly taste with an herbal flavor. The “berry” flavor is faint and doesn’t show up until halfway through the chewing the gummi.

Red Strawberry: Has more of a fruity flavor than the raspberry. It’s more jammy, but the flavor is also mild and strangely herbal.

Orange Slice: Juicy and peachy! I didn’t expect that at all. Very sweet with perfume notes.

I shared these with my friends too and received very positive feedback on them. A great option for tropical gummies with no gelatin. I myself didn’t notice any difference in texture or flavor from more “normal” gummies. A must try regardless if you’re vegetarian or not!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Goody Good Stuff Sour Fruit Salad Bag

I have a bunch of friends who are vegetarians, and usually this isn’t a problem when we all get together to share meals. The only time I can’t share some of my candy bounty with them is when I have gummis with gelatin on the ingredients list. Which, I have to say, is always sad for me since I know how some of them really miss eating gummi candies. This is why I was super excited about Goody Good Stuff contacting me about trying some samples of their vegetarian/vegan gummi candies. Finally an alternative for people who don’t want to eat gelatin. I mean, yes, there are gummis out there that are vegetarian free, but they often don’t advertize the lack of gelatin and therefore are time consuming to identify.

This first sample of the Goody Good Stuff gummis is their Sour Fruit Salad. This is a nice play on fruit pate, with a sour sanding sugar coating the candies. The packaging is attractive and eye-catching. The bright green, the sharp logo design, and the koala mascot make a well put together candy package. I especially love the koala and the window to see in and actually catch a glimpse of what the actual candy looks like.

As you can see they’re quite pretty:


Goody Good Stuff Sour Fruit Salad

Pear: The flavor is immediately fruity with strong flowery notes. It’s very juicy and has a delicate sweetness that tastes like pear. It’s not very sour, as the citric acid sanding sugar isn’t very strong. It’s still really tasty and I enjoyed it.

Strawberry: Much more sour than the pear. This almost tastes like citrus to start, very tart with bitter notes to it. Not real strawberry flavor, but it’s still tasty.

Pink Grapefruit: Tart and fruity. This has sweet notes to it and a nice citrus flavor that slowly joins in toward the end of the taste. The strawberry tasted more like grapefruit to me, but this is also in the same flavor family, just milder.

Orange: Sour and juicy to start. It does have some orange notes, but they’re very mild. There’s some bitterness to it, but overall the flavor isn’t as juicy and orange as I’d like.

Lemon: Immediately tastes zesty and full of lemon tang. This one is awesome. It’s exactly a I was hoping it to be. Yum!

I shared these with my boyfriend and friends and they all really liked them. My vegetarian friends were especially excited with trying gummis they could actually eat! I honestly couldn’t taste any different between these and gelatin gummies, so if you’re a vegetarian, I’d highly recommend them.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Goody Good Stuff Website

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