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Zachary Candy Corn Bag

Candy Corn is a Halloween candy that everyone seems to have a very strong opinion about. You either love it or hate it, and often are loyal to a specific band. Speaking personally, I love candy corn, and Brach’s is the kind I grew up with. I’ve tried other varieties, but Brach’s are always what I return to as my favorite. I figured it was time to give perspective on another very popular brand, Zachary.

I was lucky enough to find a bag of Zachery Candy Corn to review. Immediately I see differences between the candy corn kernels that Zachary makes from the Brach’s ones. The colors of the Zachary corn is much paler, the kernels are flatter and wider. I pour some out into a bowl to get a better look, and I’m surprised to find that many kernels are misshapen and broken. The white tips of the kernels have a high tendency of breaking off, so the bag had a lot of loose white tips floating around.


Zachary Candy Corn

The flavor of the candy corn is nice. I was surprised because I compared the ingredients list to Brach’s candy corn, and there were many differences as well as similarities. What caught my eye the most was how much lower Honey was on the Zachary Candy Corn’s list than Brachs’. I really expected a more dramatic different in the flavor because of this. The flavor starts of sweet, very sweet, with a slight note of marshmallow. The flavor then mellows with a slight hint or honey and vanilla, and ends with a strong sweetness and a heavy throat burn from the sugar. It tastes like typical candy corn, but with a slightly less honey notes than the Brach’s variety.

I liked this candy corn more than I expected. It’s a tasty variety, but I miss the slight complexity of flavor, bright colors and sturdy structure of the Brach’s candy corn. So if you’re a Zachery fan, I can understand your preferences. Candy Corn is a strange candy, and our preferences reflect that.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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