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Cost Plus Gummi Pumpkins Bag

I love gummi pumpkins! They’re pretty tasty and come October, there’s so many varieties to choose from. I tend to prefer the ones with the granulated sugar coating on them, as I really like that texture. What lured me into these gummis that I found in Cost Plus World market was the fact it’s a mix of black (ish) and orange pumpkins. Something new, horray!

So, from looking at the package, it’s difficult to say who made these gummi pumpkins for Coat Plus World Market, since they’re packaged completely in their branded packaging. I have a inkling they’re the Juju Pumpkins that Zachary Confections makes. Still I’m sure there’s other manufacturers out there out there that I am unaware of.

These pumpkins are attractive to look at. The colors are vibrant and pretty. The back, upon closer inspection, is actually a dark purple. The pieces are well formed and have nice fluting on them like real pumpkins. They’re a nice size too, not too big and not small. I’d say around the size of a large gumdrop.


Cost Plus Gummi Pumpkins

The grape pumpkin tastes like concord grapes. It’s thick and juicy with rich notes of grape and raspberry. I’m reminded of a mixture of concord grape juice and grape cough medicine, but in a good way.

The orange pumpkin is, of course, orange flavored. It’s bright and orangy, and reminds me of the Brach’s orange slices. The flavor is sweet and there’s no hint of tartness at all. Fun and tasty.

I really liked these, and they’re a fun “stand in” until I find the ones with the sugar coating. I prefer the orange ones to the grape flavor, which in a way makes this package hard for me to pick through since I go after all the orange ones first. I’m sure these would look super nice as decorations in a candy bowl or on top of cupcakes!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


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