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See's Orange Cranberry Truffle

I am always super excited when limited edition flavors come out for the holiday season. It’s like a treasure hunt for me, to go around to all the different stores trying to find what is new and unique. The idea of items having a “season” is fun to me, especially since we humans used to eat foods in that way. We’d consume what fruit and vegetables were in season, so in a way these candies that come around only once a year reflect those times. Once I am lucky enough to locate them I then take my bounty home to photograph and taste it for the blog. For this year, See’s was kind enough to offer me samples of their special Thanksgiving flavors and saved me a trip to the store. The cranberry orange truffle is one of the two I have ready to review for you.

This truffle is included in a “Seasonal Pie Truffles” collection they offer each year at Thanksgiving. There’s a set of four flavors including Cranberry Orange, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie. The chocolates all sound really appealing, it must be hard to decided which to taste first. The cranberry orange is easy to pick out, it’s round and tall, decorated with lines of drizzled chocolate. It’s made with dark chocolate, so the color is very deep and inviting.

The truffle smells bright and zesty of oranges. You get a little sweetness form the chocolate, but it’s really the orange that steals the show here. The first bite is filled with orange, complimented by cranberry followed by the rich dark chocolate tones with an edge of cherry and cream. Taking a peek at the truffle’s interior, you can see the pale pink filling with actual bits of cranberry in it. No wonder if it’s so flavorful!  The chocolate is fruity too, so it’s bright red notes of cherries and currants compliments the filling beautifully. The orange notes are bright and zesty, as they’re extremely fresh. The cranberries and a fresh tartness to it, and in a way I’m reminded of a creamy cranberry sauce. It’s very flavorful and delicious.

I really liked this truffle, as the flavors were beautifully balanced with the chocolate, not to mention being yummy! It really makes me eager to buy the “Seasonal Pie Collection” and try the Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie flavors it includes. The flavors are just so tempting! Especially since fall flavors are a big favorite of mine. If this truffle is any hint of what the overall collection is like, and knowing See’s I feel safe in assuming that it is, I’m sure it’s a extremely delicious treat which is worthy of replacing the pies it mimics.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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