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Trident Layers Orchard Peach Mango

I realized that it’s been awhile since I did any gum reviews for this blog. I decided to remedy that and went out on a trip to go shopping for some. The new Trident Layers is what immediately caught my eye as they had flavors that were very different from what I’m used to seeing. I grabbed a few packs and happily took my swag home.

Has fourteen pieces in the package. Smells extremely fruity and sweet. You can smell the peach and the mango, but it’s hard to separate the aromas. You can just tell it’s in there.

The pieces are pretty to look at. The gum bits are a nice peachy orange and the “flavor” stripe in the center is a deep orange. The chew is great as it’s dense and thick like a good cheing gum should be. The flavor is really tasty, I haven’t had a gum in a long time that has such a unique flavor. Extra managed to get the “peach mango” flavor down beautifully. You can pick out the accents of the juicy peach, with it’s slightly floral flavor. The mango is juicy with a subtle tartness to it. This is a flavor that doesn’t read as “gum” to me, which is something I appreciate it. It’s something that is tasty and feels refreshing because it’s different.

The flavor’s intensity does stick around for a bit, but the intensity of it great dimishes after a couple minutes. I still had a vague peachy flavor after about 10 minutes, but at that point I got bored of chewing.


Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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