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Pacari Guava/Banana

I was really excited to see these Pacari Chocolate Darak Chocolate covered fruit pieces in Whole Foods the other week. I remember tasting Pacari Chocolate back in the 2008 New York Fancy Food Show and really being impressed with their Ecuadorian chocolate. I hadn’t heard hide nor hair of them since so it really made me happy to see them carried in a main stream store. I was also really excited about seeing one of my favorite fruits, the guava, being paired with chocolate. Squee!

Each box holds the chocolate pieces in a nicely sealed plastic bag to keep them fresh. The pieces range in size, and I’m reminded of fish tank pebbles. They have a nice dark chocolate with a sheen to them.

The guava you immediately taste the rich, fruity, dark chocolate. It’s very flavorful and rich and it’s very exquisite. You don’t taste the guava right away, only once the chocolate starts to melt does its fruity, passion fruit/banana/strawberry flavor begin to show. It’s delicate, yet it compliments the chocolate in a lovely way. Quite delicious.

The banana is more straightforward. You immediately taste the banana as you eat it, with it’s sweet starchy flavor. You hardly notice the chocolate here at all, other than the sweetness it provides. My boyfriend liked this one better than the guava, but he’s a big banana lover to begin with.

I liked these little nuggets, as they were a fun format to eat. Pick them one by one, or by a small handful. I can see them used as decoration on top of cupcakes and such. My only gripe was I felt they were a bit expensive for the small package size (I can’t recall the exact price, fail on my part). But, these are fair trade and organic, so you certainly get what you pay for.

A great tropical flavored chocolate escape. I’m happy to have a guava chocolate, and I was pleased with the flavor of both of these. If you have the funds, I’d recommend trying them.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Pacari Website


Kallari Chocolate Packages

Kallari is a chocolate company that is a chocolate cooperative dedicated to providing organic, sustainable, fair trade chocolate that I discovered them back in June at the Bucks Country Chocolate Show. They strive to create great tasting chocolate while cutting out the “middle man” to provide the cocoa farmers with income and knowledge they need to continue their practices. The packaging in the photo above, while outdated, shows the faces of the children from the Kichiwa people directly benefiting from your purchase. Talk about putting a face to the cause.

I bought one of the different types of chocolate bars that Kallari sells. They do things simply, with a selection of rich dark chocolates ranging from 70%, 75% and 85% cocoa content.


Kallari Chocolate

70%: The smell is intense with accents of chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon. The taste is very vanilla with accents that are light and damp, like a cool forest. The middle of the flavor has slight vegetable taste, but it’s nice, not odd or out of place. The bar ends with strong notes of cocoa and coffee and a clean finish.

75% Roberto’s Recipe “extra dark chocolate with vanilla”: It has a nice color and subtle gloss. The snap is crisp, the beak is extremely clean and the sections are easy to break off evenly at the partitions. It smells very fruity with notes of red berries, raisins, raspberry, caramel and coffee.

The flavor is cool and a dry at first with light notes of vanilla. It then expands more allowing stronger notes of cocoa, caramel, vanilla and honey show through. The finish shows a peek of fruitiness. I get a little cherry/raspberry note as well as some moss in there. The aftertaste is extremely light and clean.

The texture is very smooth and not overly thick or slippery in the mouth. A beautiful 75% bar that’s great for beginners as the flavors aren’t acidic and it’s wonderfully chocolatey.

85%: The aroma is surprisingly sweet. There’s notes of cream, coffee, caramel and vanilla. The taste is first bland and dry but then notes of almonds and cream come forward and bloom on the tongue. The finish has light notes of cherries, raspberries, cream and vanilla. Really wonderful for such a high percentage bar.

With such a delicious range of chocolate and wonderful production practices, I can’t do anything but highly recommend these. Your conscience or your taste buds won’ be let down.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Kallari Website

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