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Tic Tac


Tic Tac Citrus Punch Box

I’m not really big on mints or minty candies, but I couldn’t help pass up this beautiful box of the new Tic Tac Citrus Punch assortment. I’m a sucker for fruity, especially citrus flavors, so I knew these would be worth giving a try.

Tic Tacs are an interesting item in my mind, as most mints really try to make themselves look like candy. But Tic Tacs look like candy and are actually mints! There’s three flavors in the mix: grapefruit, orange and lime.


Tic Tac Citrus Punch Box Spilled

Grapefruit is the flavor I looked forward to trying the most. The flavor is wonderfully captured, it’s fresh and zesty with that nice sweet/sour note the grapefruits have. The minty aspect doesn’t kick in until the fruit flavor fades, which I really like.It leaves a nice light citrusy/minty flavor in my mouth and it’s refreshing. I found myself picking these out of the assortment and finishing them off first.

Orange is sweet and flavorful with a good orange flavor that is more “real” than other orange mints I’ve had. It gets a little tart at the end which is a nice touch.

With the Lime flavor I immediately notice that it is different in texture. Strange! It breaks much easier in my mouth than the others. It’s tart, sweet and very citrusy and like the others I feel the flavor is very authentic and I immediately think of limeade.

I liked this assortment a lot. The three different flavors kept things fresh and interesting, and they both fulfilled my need for something candy-like and to freshen my breath a little. A plus for any mint in my book. My only complaint that, even though the box of these was on the larger side, I did manage to finish them in record time. Oops.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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