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See's Candies


See's Pecan Pie Truffle

Today is the second day of See’s Thanksgiving Truffle collection. I have another part of their “Seasonal Pie Truffles” collection: the Pecan Pie truffle. I was partiuclarly interested in this truffle because, in regard to pies, my family is 100% all about pumpkin. We love it and have no desire to have any other pie with our Thanksgiving spread. I can only think of two times in my life where I have had pecan pie. Once was while I was over at a friend’s house after Thanksgiving, and the other was brought by a different friend when my family did a potluck Thanksgiving one year. So my experiences with this beloved and classic pie is extremely limited. Which brings me to my review today, since it’s Pecan Pie!

The truffle is gorgeous. It’s a mountain of pristine, white chocolate crowned with a pecan half. It smells sweet and has an extremely rich, nutty flavor of the roasted pecans. The flavor is absolutely amazing, I daresay it trumps a real pecan pie (from what I remember!). The texture is smooth, as the pecan is blended so finely into the butter cream center that no pieces are left to get stuck in your teeth. The flavor stars off sweet and buttery of the white chocolate coating, then it gradually melts away to the flavor of the center which is fully of the flavors of rich brown sugar, molasses and pecans. The pecans certainly take center stage as the main flavor, as they sound, and it makes for an intensely nutty, rich, and flavor truffle.

I was impressed with these! They are very flavorful and delicious. I found I love having them paired with coffee or tea, in true dessert style. This truffle is one of the few in the “Seasonal Pie Collection” that you can buy separately in its own box. I can easily see these as a thoughtful hostess gift for Thanksgiving or for a treat for yourself if you don’t have the time or energy to make a pie yourself. Yum!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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See's Orange Cranberry Truffle

I am always super excited when limited edition flavors come out for the holiday season. It’s like a treasure hunt for me, to go around to all the different stores trying to find what is new and unique. The idea of items having a “season” is fun to me, especially since we humans used to eat foods in that way. We’d consume what fruit and vegetables were in season, so in a way these candies that come around only once a year reflect those times. Once I am lucky enough to locate them I then take my bounty home to photograph and taste it for the blog. For this year, See’s was kind enough to offer me samples of their special Thanksgiving flavors and saved me a trip to the store. The cranberry orange truffle is one of the two I have ready to review for you.

This truffle is included in a “Seasonal Pie Truffles” collection they offer each year at Thanksgiving. There’s a set of four flavors including Cranberry Orange, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie. The chocolates all sound really appealing, it must be hard to decided which to taste first. The cranberry orange is easy to pick out, it’s round and tall, decorated with lines of drizzled chocolate. It’s made with dark chocolate, so the color is very deep and inviting.

The truffle smells bright and zesty of oranges. You get a little sweetness form the chocolate, but it’s really the orange that steals the show here. The first bite is filled with orange, complimented by cranberry followed by the rich dark chocolate tones with an edge of cherry and cream. Taking a peek at the truffle’s interior, you can see the pale pink filling with actual bits of cranberry in it. No wonder if it’s so flavorful!  The chocolate is fruity too, so it’s bright red notes of cherries and currants compliments the filling beautifully. The orange notes are bright and zesty, as they’re extremely fresh. The cranberries and a fresh tartness to it, and in a way I’m reminded of a creamy cranberry sauce. It’s very flavorful and delicious.

I really liked this truffle, as the flavors were beautifully balanced with the chocolate, not to mention being yummy! It really makes me eager to buy the “Seasonal Pie Collection” and try the Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie flavors it includes. The flavors are just so tempting! Especially since fall flavors are a big favorite of mine. If this truffle is any hint of what the overall collection is like, and knowing See’s I feel safe in assuming that it is, I’m sure it’s a extremely delicious treat which is worthy of replacing the pies it mimics.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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See's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips Bag

I was contacted a little big ago by See’s and asked if I was interested in reviewing their new See’s Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate Chips. These especially appealed to be since I’m a big baker in my free time, along with my candy reviewing, so this felt like a very good fit to me. I’m easily excited about samples to new products, and See’s chocolate is no exception.

The chocolate chips arrived safely into my hands, of which I was grateful as we’re having some hot days here in our Los Angeles fall weather. The package keeps to the classic design of See’s, with a white background and black lettering all decorated with a checkerboard boarders. The bad is sizable, a little larger than what most bags of chocolate chips are. I found out why when I opened the bag, as the chips are quite large, as you can see!


See's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

This answered a lot of questions I had about these chips, once I saw them. I know See’s uses Guittard chocolate as their couverature. If you’ve ever been to any supermarkets in California, (or maybe just in LA?) you’ll find Guittard brand chocolate chips in the baking aisle. I know this because that’s what I buy for my baking needs. So I’m was wondering if these See’s semi-sweet chocolate chips were going to be the same thing, just re-packaged. So no, these are quite different!

The chips are large, the bottoms about the size of nickels. They’re somewhat flat, which I think would help them melt easier in baked good. They smells rich of chocolate, with notes of caramel, cream and coffee.

The flavor is incredible rich, with really intense, smooth chocolate flavors. The chips are sweet, but not overly so. They have a really nice richness and are very buttery. it’s an excellent semi sweet chocolate.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, how do they taste in baked goods? I tested that out too, of course. I made a batch of my boyfriend’s favorite Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The chips melt, but still retain their shape. The chocolate is flavorful and goody fresh out of the oven. Just heavenly!

I certainly plan on adding these into my baking rotation. I plan on using these when my baked item needs a bit more of a chocolate hit.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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See's Double Caramel Box

I just happened to find myself in the mall the other day, and whenever I’m there I make sure to pop by the See’s Candies store to see if they have anything new and delicious. I was in luck, as I saw this limited edition of “Double Caramel” truffles right on the shelf. New See’s candy, yay!

So what is “Double Caramel” exactly? According to the box it’s a brown sugar caramel layered with a chocolate butter caramel. This is all surrounded by a coating of their milk chocolate to boot, so you can bet I was salivating while I was reading this description in the store.

Once I had these prettied home and photographed, I was finally ready to open the box. They are sizable bonbons, and I mean sizable. There’s six of them to the box, which is 5 ounces. To give you an idea, they’re size of golf balls. Awesome, right?


See's Double Caramel

The smell sweet and chocolatey.

They are very dense to bite into. The chocolate is thick, but soft, and the caramel is extremely smooth and dense. The caramel is extremely soft and you get all the buttery, creamy, sweetness that you expect from a good caramel. Mixed with the luscious milk chocolate exterior, it’s heaven. You can’t really taste the difference between the two different caramels. You get the flavors all mixed so you taste the best flavors of each part.

What can I say? These are simply wonderful. Since they’re so big, you only really need one at a time. They go fantastically with a cup of coffee. I saw these in both stores and online, so you should try some if they’re still available!

Also check out Cybele’s review of the over at

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Sees Root Beer Lollipops

Today I am revisiting a favorite candy of mine: See’s Root Beer Lollypops. I reviewed them way back when I first around the time I first started this blog. I had found those on a candy hunt in Los Angeles long before I lived there. I was relatively new to See’s candies as a whole, and was really excited when I found the Root Beer Lollypops. Root beer flavors are hard to come by to begin with, much less good ones. So I was excited to hear from See’s that the Root Beer Lollipops will be back this summer and I was given some complimentary samples. Sweet.

The lollypops are large and feel heavy in your hand. The actual candy part is a large square about inch tall and 1/3 inch-ish wide and deep. So it’s a big lollypop, for sure. Still, it easily fits in your mouth, so it’s not impossibly big like those giant rainbow lollipops. The color is a creamy brown, lighter than real root beer but still gives off that root beer vibe.

The texture of this lollypop is nice since it’s really creamy and really gets your saliva going. The square shape quickly disappears as the lollypop melts so the shape conforms to your mouth. The edges easily become rounded and smooth.

The flavor is amazing. It’s sweet and woodsy, like root beer should be. It has some spicy notes to it, but there’s a big creamy flavor to the whole thing. It reminds me more of A&W root beer than say, Mug or Barq’s. The flavor overall reminds me of a root beer float, when you get close to finishing it and you have that mix of root beer and ice cream at the bottom of your glass. It tastes like that. Sweet, creamy, and delicious root beer.

My opinions haven’t changed since I’ve had these last. They are amazing. They last a long time too, so they’re a great after lunch sweet to keep you focused on work. I’m a big fan of these and I’m glad they’re back for the summer.

Rating: Hoard



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