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Trident Vitality

This new gum by Trident stood out to me right away because of the snazzy silver box. A pretty illustration has an orange (or is that a tangerine) and a wild strawberry on the front. This gum also has Vitamin C in it, which is a new trend I’m noticing now as I see gums in stores.

The box opens on one side to show the tray of chicklet-styled gum in their “pop-out” tray. I like how this box keeps the tray inside from sliding around too much, but at the same time is could be considered cumbersome to carry if you don’t have a purse with you. You get nine pieces in total.

The flavor starts off tasting more like melon than strawberry or orange to me. As I chew the flavor changes to taste more like orange juice. Then, you get the sweet, perfumy flavor of strawberries accenting the background the longer you chew. It’s a really nice combination and the flavor gets more mellow and blended the longer you chew. There is a “fresh” sensation with this gum. It feels cool in your mouth, yet it doesn’t taste like mint.

The flavor of this gum is really nice. I’ll have to try the two other varieties they have sometime. A nice option if you’re looking to have gum and more Vitamin C in your diet.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Cool Lemon

Sometime the candy I find are completely by accident and therefore are impulse buys. This box of Icebreakers Ice Cubes Cool Lemon was exactly one of those purchases. I was standing on line in Target and I noticed them on the candy shelf. What made them stand out from all the other candy offerings was the yellow package and the words “Cool Lemon” on the front. Lemon? Lemon is one of my favorite citrus fruits and I don’t feel it’s used nearly enough in candy confections, even though I understand it’s a hard flavor to work with.

The packaging is nice with it’s small boxy size and vibrant colors. The shape makes it difficult to fit into pockets, but it will nestle into a purse nicely. The shape is necessary to keep the gum inside safe from being smooched. The size of gum pieces is comparable to a sugar cube. They’re quite cute actually. The pieces are a nice frosted yellow color and smell lightly of lemon.

The chew is immediately soft and inviting. The flavor is immediately of a sweet/tart lemon and it’s very authentic. I get notes of bitterness every so often as if I had bitten some of the fruit’s pith. There’s a cooling sensation along with it that doesn’t interfere with the flavor at all. The only down point is that the flavor doesn’t stay around for long, about 10 minutes in the taste started to disappear. I wouldn’t recommend this on the gum’s longevity, but the flavor is incredible.

If I was a bigger gum chewer, I’d buy these 24/7. Since I’m not, I’ll probably be turning to these to fill in my gum needs as my cravings demand. The lemon flavor is refreshing and look forward to enjoying them again soon.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Hershey’s Ice Breaker’s Webpage


Watering KissMint Lychee Lemon

It’s literally been years since I’ve had a Japanese gum. I first and last had it back in 2004 when I was in Japan doing an architectural study for college. It was a big exploration to go into one of the many convenience stores to find fun candy to try.  I found this packet of Watering KissMint in a Famimia in Hollywood during one of my lunch breaks. It reminded me back of those fun days of traveling, so I picked up a few flavors and took them home to review.

The packaging is nice. A silver background with splashes of color that conveys the “watering” in the title so well. The case is slim, so it’d easily fit into a pocket or purse. Inside there’s gum sticks wrapped nicely in silver foil, eight pieces in total. The sticks are shorter than the ones we find in America. They are wide and thin like most of them, but they’re only 3/4 of the length. Still, they’re a nice size and look very attractive in the packaging.

The gum smells sweet and peachy with a hint of grape, which is the best way I can describe a lychee’s flavor and aroma. I don’t smell any lemon mixed in there, as the lychee is such a strong smell.

The flavor starts off very strong of lychee, with very sharp perfumey notes of peach and muscat grape. Then the flavor sours slightly and you get the tartness of lemon. The two flavors mix well together, a nice sweet/sour mix that is very refreshing and clean to chew. I notice that the flavor disappears pretty quickly, at least it doesn’t last nearly a long as American gum flavors. Still, I really enjoyed it.

This is a nice departure from more domestic flavor you find in gum here. I enjoyed the originality of the flavor and if it lasted longer (I like to chew my gum for a long time) I would be going back for this more regularly.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

LinksGlico Website


Extra Fruit Sensations Gum: Mango Smoothie and Blueberry Smoothie

Last year Extra came out with a new line of “Fruit Sensations” gum, which toted smoother, more intensely fruity, and longer lasting flavor. I reviewed a few of the kinds here on TCE, and I was pleasantly surprised with them. I’m pretty picky when it comes to gum, so it has to be really good for me to enjoy it.

Recently Extra came out with a pair of new Smoothie flavors to the Fruit Sensations line: Mango and Berry. Considering I liked the originals so much, I wanted to give them a try since I felt a needed some fresh new flavors to my infrequent gum-chewing lineup.

Mango Smoothie: In a bright orange box, with images of mangoes and a strawberries. The inside flap of the package have sayings on them, and this one says the flavor lasts longer than it “takes to think of 30 new ways to use a straw”. Part of me wants to test them on that, but I guess it depends on how smart you are?

The gum itself is light orange in color. The chew is immediately thick, chewy and smooth. The flavor is…oddly creamy. There’s a nice milkyness to it. The taste is sweet and extremely fruity: lots of peachy and mango yet it lacks the tang I associate with mangoes. I do get a hint of berries in there, hard to say if it’s strawberry like the package image suggests, but it’s very tasty and I enjoyed chewing it for as long as I could. Which was until my jaw started to hurt. The gum also has a light, perfumey aftertaste to it.

Berry Smoothie: A pretty purple package with blueberries and blackberries on it. The gum smells strongly like tart raspberries and is light mauve in color. It immediately tastes like berries. I get the sweetness of blackberries, the deep sweetness of blueberries and the fruity flavors of raspberries. It’s lovely. It’s also got that unexpected milky edge to it like the mango one, so it comes off and very creamy and smooth. Again, the flavor lasts a terribly long time and I had to quit chewing before the flavor petered out.

I liked these flavors, and I can add these to my list of gum I actually enjoy. I recommend them if you need something new to add to your gum chewing repertoire. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Extra Gum Webpage



Orbit Mist

I have to admit that I don’t experiment as much with gum that I feel I should. It’s one of my candy Achilles’ Heels, as so to speak. I’ve never been a big gum chewer, but I have found myself reaching for it more often as of late. I don’t necessarily chew it for the pure enjoyment of it, but rather as a distraction when I’m battling a craving or I just need to have something to move around in my mouth. There’s a few people out there who’d argue that gum is not even candy, as the lines of the definition are often blurred. I don’t eat gum or seek it out like I would a good candy bar, true, but I do chew it because it tastes good. Which is really whole point when you get to the core of it, right? 

There’s a few concrete things I feel make up a good pack of gum. Firstly, it needs to taste good and have a strong flavor. Secondly, it needs to have that flavor that lasts a long time. A stick that will peter out in 5-30 minutes is not good enough for me. Because of this, I have been working my way through all the different varieties in the store trying the find the one that will work for me. I do realize that my requirements are little in the grand scheme of things as gums now tote many cool advantages like more unique flavors, teeth and gum protection, and vitamins. Still, I had only a handful of varieties I’d return to, and I’ve gotten bored with my choices.

Then I noticed Orbit Mist.

This is the newest members of the Orbits line. What’s different with this variety is the addition of “micro-bursts (tm)” that are described on the front of the packages. I read that as fancy terms for extra pockets of flavor and deliciousness. But that’s just me. The flavors range from the classic Peppermint Spray to the fruity favorite of Watermelon Spring, and finally to the new kid on the block: Mango Surf.


Orbit Mist Open

The package design is very attractive. The blue color is cool and refreshing feeling, which is enhanced by a slightly metallic sheen. The packages open to reveal a the sticks wrapped in colorful paper, all lines up in neat little rows. I feel oddly stylish opening these packets to take out a piece to chew.

The texture with all of these is pretty standard and a big draw for me. the gum doesn’t start soft like most brands do. Instead, these are a little hard, almost like a Chiclet but without the candy shell, and they gradually get softer as you chew on them.

Peppermint Spray: A cool, light blue color with intense specks of cerulean. The flavor is immediately a burst of sweet peppermint in my mouth. Usually I dislike it when flavors are too punchy in gum, but this works beautifully as the flavor doesn’t hit you all at once right away. Instead it slowly stays in your mouth and seeps onto your taste buds as you chew. I chewed a piece of this for a good to hours and was still getting flavor from it. I’m impressed to say the least.

Watermelon Mist: The stick is lightly green with pretty flecks of pink in it. The flavor is very melon, thankfully not horribly fake like all the variations on the Jolly Rancher watermelon flavor out there. This is much smoother, sweeter and more mellow. I taste hints of cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew with a dash of peach in there.

Mango Surf: Pale yellow colored with red spots. Immediately it tastes tropical and ever so juicy. Strong notes of mango, peach and passion fruit flood my mouth. It’s sweet, but like a real mango has a tart edge to it that makes the gum so much more dramatic to taste. As hesitant I am around mango flavored candy, this one totally won me over.

These new flavors leave me wanting to be a more avid gum chewer. The flavors are interesting and tasty, but the staying power they have in my mouth is just incredible and what really wins me over. I haven’t gotten a stick of gum to stay so fresh in my mouth for so long, so I can’t but recommend you try them based on that trait alone.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Orbit Webpage

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