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5 Cobalt

Onto the second of my 5 Gum reviews, today is 5 Cobalt. Out of all the different 5 Gums that I collected for this series of reviews, Cobalt was the only one that I was able to guess the flavor just by reading the name. I like the theme of having these “cool” names for the gum instead of just announcing the flavors, even if it does make it a little confusing at times. 

Cobalt is a really great name for a gum. It sounds bold and powerful, as well as evoking a deep blue minty color. The fact that the majority of the package is black also enhances this effect. The foil on the wrappers is an intense cerulean blue, and it’s really pretty. This gum just exudes the feeling of being refreshed. I take a whiff and it smells like an interesting mix of spearmint and wintergreen.

The gum itself is a intense blue color and it’s a lot more saturated than I would have expected. The flavor starts off powerfully minty and tastes like wintergreen with a frosty flavor accented with sweetness. As you chew, you then experience the more pronounced hot and spicy flavors of spearmint. They just kick in and gives it a really complex, incredibly refreshing minty flavor. Sadly, the flavors don’t last very long, most are well gone by the time I have been chewing for two minutes. 

The brevity of the flavor in this gum, no matter how tasty, makes me hesitate to bring this gum into my inner circle of “amazing candy that I’ll buy all the time”. However, the flavor is good enough that if I was handed this for free, by a friend, or at the candy table at work, I would certainly take a few pieces after lunch. Point being, Cobalt is tasty, so if I ever need a quick breath freshener, this gum would certainly fit the bill. Isn’t that one of gum’s jobs in the first place anyways?

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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5 React Squared

Gum is already somewhat of a neglected candy for me, as it’s something I don’t buy often but I do try to review for the blog when I see something interesting. 5 Gum us a brand that I don’t pay very much attention to. I believe it’s a gum that market to men, with its intense black background and names like “React Squared”. So as a female you can imagine that I a drawn toward the more colorful “Fruity Unicorn Sparkle” flavors than these intense looking gums in black packaged with names that refer to energy outputs. But that it exactly why I decided that I needed to give 5 Gum a few tries.

The gum is wrapped in black foil, which is very striking looking. They almost disappear into the packaging. The gum smells like a mix of jam and cherry pie. It’s very juicy and fruity smelling.

I was taken aback to see that the stick of gum is dark grey in color. I don’t think I’ve ever seen gum colored like that before. The texture is incredibly soft as you begin to chew. The flavor is very fruity, and bring up the flavors of dark cherries. I also get notes of cola and some metallic notes. The flavor comes across as very flavorful and juicy. The flavor quickly starts to fade as you get into chewing for about a minute. As the taste mellows, it reminds me of red licorice: fruity and “red”. It’s a nice flavor, it’s just a shame it doesn’t last longer.

It seems this gum suffers from the “gum paradox” that I’ve heard other bloggers refer to. The tastier the gum is, the shorter the time the flavor lasts. So even though I am not the biggest fan of cherry gum, it was still more tasty than some gums I’ve had. Alas, the flavor is almost completely gone in the first minute that you chew it. I can see this working for you if you only wanted a quick flavor pick me up. Personally I like something with a little more stamina. I like my flavor to last longer. That’s not to say that this gum is bad, it just was really tasty and would have liked to experience this gum longer, that’s all.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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Extra Dessert Delights Root Beer Float

When I first heard of Extra gum adding a Root Beer Float flavor to its line of Dessert Delight gums, I was totally excited. I love root beer, and root beer floats, so by all logic wouldn’t I love a root beer gum too? So for weeks I peeked at every checkout gum rack in every store I went into. It wasn’t until mid June when I checked my local Target’s candy aisle did I finally see it. There the Root Beer Float gum was, sitting on the shelf being sold in a three pack. How sneaky! It made me wonder how much sooner I could have found it had I know it was going to be packaged like that. But no matter, I had found it and that’s all that matters.

The package is a lot of fun, using the color scheme that reminds me of A&W root beer: lots of browns and oranges. There’s an image of a fresh, frothy overflowing mug of root beer on the front. It looks so delicious that I really wonder if I pack of gum can live up to the real thing.

I open up the back of the package to reveal the silver wrapped sticks of gum. I inhale, and I get the aroma of a sweet root bear. It’s spicy, with notes of wintergreen, but it has a strong sweetness to it. So far it is very promising.

The stick of gum is a nice red-brown color, the color I’d expect a stick of root beer flavors gum to look like. The flavor is very creamy and, well awesome! You can taste the notes of root beer, which leans more toward MUG and A&W than it does Barq’s. It has it’s spicy and woodsy notes, with a hint of wintergreen, but they are balanced with an intense creamy vanilla flavor. Granted, that could be the vanilla ice cream, but mixed together it makes for a very sweet, but still good, root beer. So the bad news? The gum loses its flavor and texture very quickly. The flavor dissipates and the gum gets tough and much chewier. Ah well, too good to be true right?   

So I guess that this is the trade off. You can have something that taste of a root beer float for a mere five calories. The cost is that the flavor lasts for less than a minute. That aside, it’s a really tasty gum, if you only like chewing it for a very brief time. If you’re looking for something different from your normal minty and fruit flavor gum, this is a (very short) shot of fresh air.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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Trident Layers Sweet Cherry Island Lime

This is the second gum I bought on my special gum shopping trip. It’s a nother one of the Trident Layers flavor combinations I’ve seen as late. I’ve tried the Orchard Peach + Ripe Mango and was a big fan of it. When I saw this cherry+lime flavor I was excited to give it a go.

Opening up the package, I was surprised to find that somehow that cherry/lime flavor reminded me of cola. It has hints of diet coke and Dr. Pepper in it. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but my best guess is the cherry aroma that is just a tad spicy. Still, the gum smells really nice and enticing.

The stick of gum is very stunning. It’s a bright crimson with a lime green flavor stripe down the middle. It’s a little Christmas-y yes, but it’s very beautiful. I do wonder if it’ll turn my tongue colors.

The flavor starts off on a strangly. The lime is the first thing I taste, and it’s very tart, bitter and reminds me of floor cleaner. Not my favorite thing, mind you. The cherry then kicks in and delivers a ripe, juicy “red” flavor that takes away that strange cleaner flavor. So now it’s become this bright “red” flavor with a tartness to it from the lime. Once the flavors blend some the gum is actually pretty tasty. It had me worried from a slightly rough start.

I think I would still go for the Orchard Peach+Ripe Mango flavor over this one. Cherry flavors sometimes are too metallic for me, and even though I enjoyed it, I just enjoyed the other one more. That’s not to say this is a bad flavor at all. I shared this gum with my co workers and they all really loved it. Again, everyone has their own opinion!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Trident Layers Orchard Peach Mango

I realized that it’s been awhile since I did any gum reviews for this blog. I decided to remedy that and went out on a trip to go shopping for some. The new Trident Layers is what immediately caught my eye as they had flavors that were very different from what I’m used to seeing. I grabbed a few packs and happily took my swag home.

Has fourteen pieces in the package. Smells extremely fruity and sweet. You can smell the peach and the mango, but it’s hard to separate the aromas. You can just tell it’s in there.

The pieces are pretty to look at. The gum bits are a nice peachy orange and the “flavor” stripe in the center is a deep orange. The chew is great as it’s dense and thick like a good cheing gum should be. The flavor is really tasty, I haven’t had a gum in a long time that has such a unique flavor. Extra managed to get the “peach mango” flavor down beautifully. You can pick out the accents of the juicy peach, with it’s slightly floral flavor. The mango is juicy with a subtle tartness to it. This is a flavor that doesn’t read as “gum” to me, which is something I appreciate it. It’s something that is tasty and feels refreshing because it’s different.

The flavor’s intensity does stick around for a bit, but the intensity of it great dimishes after a couple minutes. I still had a vague peachy flavor after about 10 minutes, but at that point I got bored of chewing.


Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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