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E.Wedel Chaewa Vanilla

Ah, another E. Wedel mystery halvah bar. I bought this with the Fruit ‘n Nut one I had reviewed yesterday. I obviously wouldn’t have bought another after how horrid the other proved to be. But, since I had taken this one home too, it was my duty as a candy blogger to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a try. 

I can only guess it’s supposed to be vanilla flavored from the image on the wrapper.

Here is the jist if it: the bar smells lightly of nuts. It has the same flaky, soft texture as the Fruit ‘n Nut version, but this one is also horribly greasy. The taste is a little sweeter and less like inedible substances. Still, nothing about it strikes me as vanilla or anything pleasant.

Please, for the sake of your taste buds, leave this one in the store.

Rating: Inedible





E.Wedel Chaewa Fruit 'n Nut

I found this bar in a Polish market. I was drawn to it because it was unusual, new, and of course Polish. I need to learn that this can mean very bad things in terms of flavor sometimes. Observing the bar, it seemed to be a log of Polish nougat. I love nougat, so into my basket it went.

Since I cannot understand Polish to save my life, I guessed that these were nougat from the photos on the wrappers. I mean, there was no translation as to what it was. Not even on the import label, which vaguely listed ingredients. I was very thankful to the artist who rendered the image on the wrapper, as it was my candy saving grace. I did drop the ball here on my role as a candy blogger, as I didn’t really research this at all. A translator could have cleared up some things for me, but I didn’t do it.

Opening the bar up I was distressed and kinda grossed out. I mean, it was greasy. Really, really, really greasy. So much so that there was actual liquid grease all over and spilled onto the table. This…. thing is wet. Sitting in a pool of greasy wetness. Ew.

I realized then that this was halvah and not nougat. Interesting.

The aroma is of nothing. A black hole has more smell than this thing. The texture was light and a little crispy on the inside. The flavor was, like the scent, non existent. It’s bland and plastic-y, and the nut and raisin bits were small and intermittent. The only lasting impression was that of the off sticky bits still stuck in my molars.

I didn’t finish this. Ick.

Rating: Inedible



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