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Newman's Own Tangerine Licorice Bag

I was pretty excited when I saw these Newman’s Own Licorice Twists in the store the other week. I bought these Tangerine ones along with the Black Licorice ones I reviewed last time. Licorice twists are a candy that I really want to love, but they always disappoint me by being so flavorless. Here’s hoping that these will live up to how nice they look! 

These twists are really pretty to look at. They’re a nice orange color with a hollow center. I can see these being some adorable lemonade or cocktail straws. They have no aroma, but they are soft to the touch, yet firm at the same time so they have a nice chew to them. The flavor is a nice tangerine. It’s certainly not orange. It has a nice sweetness with a really solid tart edge to it. The chew keeps you busy, but it isn’t hard. it does ask for more effort than a Twizzler. Tastes much better too.

I am really pleased with these. They’re so tasty! Both my fiance and I agree that these are super yummy. They package has 5oz of them in there, and I wish I had counted the twists before I started eating them. It’s a good amount I feel. If you’re into these types of candy, I recommend you check them out!


Newman's Own Tangerine Licorice

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Newman's Own Black Licorice Bag

I found these licorice twists in Whole Foods the other week. Usually I skip over the candy aisle in that place, since I’ve tried most of it and new products show up rarely. I was lucky to pass through and see these twists by accident. I immediately scooped them up, since I don’t get to have good licorice things often. I also really love the idea of licorice twists, but have yet to find a kind that I truly enjoy.


Newman's Own Black Licorice

The twists are very pretty. They actually look like vine charcoal. They almost have a dusty look to them. They smell faintly of licorice.

I am happy to see that molasses and licorice root are both listed on the ingredients list. I take my first bite and I immediately love what I’m tasting. These are very molasses heavy licorice twists. They have a nice thick chew, and a really silky licorice flavor. It’s only slightly herbal, with a nice sweet smoothness from the molasses. These are way better than any type of mainstream licorice twist I’ve had to date.
I really am smitten with these. If you’re a fan of licorice at all, or are looking fora good licorice candy to try for your first time, I really recommend these. Yum!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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I noticed this bar by Alter Eco when I was in Whole Foods the other day. What drew my attention to this chocolate bar was that it had quinoa in it. I have never seen a chocolate bar with quinoa in it before. The novelty of it was something I couldn’t resist, so I grabbed it and deemed it my impulse buy.

The packaging is very unassuming. It’s a coral color with painting of some chocolate squares. It makes sure to list “Organically grown” and “fairly traded” up at the top. It’s good to know that more chocolate companies are taking responsibility for their products.

The bar is textured like a Nestle Crunch. You can see the textured bumps of quinoa on the back of the bar. The dark chocolate smells very rich and fruity. It has a sharp snap and a clean break. The chocolate is very smooth and creamy, with notes of cream, caramel and blossoms into a red fruit flavor of cherries. The quinoa adds a nice crunch to the chocolate bar, but not any flavor from what I can tell. It has no notes of malt or oats, it just adds a nice texture contrast to the sleek chocolate.

I really liked this chocolate and I liked the quinoa’s crunch. This is the first bar that I’ve had by Alter Eco, and I am impressed. I look forward to trying their other chocolate bars now. 
Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Pacari Guava/Banana

I was really excited to see these Pacari Chocolate Darak Chocolate covered fruit pieces in Whole Foods the other week. I remember tasting Pacari Chocolate back in the 2008 New York Fancy Food Show and really being impressed with their Ecuadorian chocolate. I hadn’t heard hide nor hair of them since so it really made me happy to see them carried in a main stream store. I was also really excited about seeing one of my favorite fruits, the guava, being paired with chocolate. Squee!

Each box holds the chocolate pieces in a nicely sealed plastic bag to keep them fresh. The pieces range in size, and I’m reminded of fish tank pebbles. They have a nice dark chocolate with a sheen to them.

The guava you immediately taste the rich, fruity, dark chocolate. It’s very flavorful and rich and it’s very exquisite. You don’t taste the guava right away, only once the chocolate starts to melt does its fruity, passion fruit/banana/strawberry flavor begin to show. It’s delicate, yet it compliments the chocolate in a lovely way. Quite delicious.

The banana is more straightforward. You immediately taste the banana as you eat it, with it’s sweet starchy flavor. You hardly notice the chocolate here at all, other than the sweetness it provides. My boyfriend liked this one better than the guava, but he’s a big banana lover to begin with.

I liked these little nuggets, as they were a fun format to eat. Pick them one by one, or by a small handful. I can see them used as decoration on top of cupcakes and such. My only gripe was I felt they were a bit expensive for the small package size (I can’t recall the exact price, fail on my part). But, these are fair trade and organic, so you certainly get what you pay for.

A great tropical flavored chocolate escape. I’m happy to have a guava chocolate, and I was pleased with the flavor of both of these. If you have the funds, I’d recommend trying them.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Q.bel Peanut Butter Wafer Bar Package

These are last of the Q.bel reviews I have to share. Take my word for it though, as these may be last, but not the least of the bunch!

Q.bel PB Wafer Bars

I can’t comment much more on the packaging without it feeling like I’m beating a dead horse. Unwrapping these bars, I am pleased to say these smell exactly like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (RPBC) to me. The aroma is so strong of fresh peanut butter with a kiss of chocolate. It’s something I could sit and inhale all day.


Q.bel Peanut Butter Wafer Bar

The Peanut Butter Wafer Bars are a little different in terms of construction than the Milk and Dark Chocolate ones. There’s no rice crisps in this bar and I was sort of expecting to find bits of peanut in there as a replacement. Alas, I was wrong. The peanut butter is beautifully sandwiched in between the wafers, as you can see in the photo.

There’s a really nice crispness to the bite in these despite the lack of the crisped rice. The flavor isn’t as punchy as the Wafer Rolls, there’s more wafer here to soften the bold flavors of the peanut butter and chocolate. It’s very creamy, nutty with a touch of salt. There’s nice sweetness under the whole flavor from the chocolate that’s smooth and cool on the tongue. I got a bit of a throat tickle from eating this, as the peanut butter is intense. I like it that way though.

Out of all the Wafer Bars I had, these were the ones that disappeared first out of the bunch that I shared with friends.


Q.bel Peanut Butter Wafer Rolls Package

Q.bel Peanut Butter Wafer Rolls

The Peanut Butter Wafer Rolls, like their Milk and Dark Chocolate counterparts, didn’t disappoint. They too smelled strongly and are reminiscent of RPBC. The coating didn’t melt as easily in my hands as the others did, which I found perplexing. I’m not complaining though!


Q.bel Peanut Butter Wafer Rolls

The Rolls are wonderfully peanutty, roasted and salty. The flavor is great and I’d consider this an awesome snack for peanut butter lovers. You get an intense flavor hit of the smooth, extremely fresh creamy peanut butter. It’s sweet, roasted, salty, and plain tasty! The Roll even lets you get the thick peanut butter texture on your tongue if you eat it in just the right way. The chocolate coating gives it that needed edge of sweetness and the wafer provides a wonderful crunchy/crispy texture.

Addicting. Simply addicting.

Even though I’m more of a chocolate than a peanut butter person, I’d say these were beautifully done and tie with the dark chocolate wafer rolls as my favorite in the Q.bel line.

You don’t have to take my opinions on these as the final word though, be sure to check out what Cybele at, Rosa at ZOMG! Candy, and Chocolate Blog has to say about them.

Rating: Hoard



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