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Guittard Chocolate Stack

Guittard is one of those chocolate companies you start to hear more about one you dive into the chocolate and candy world a little more than your average candy eater. I didn’t really become aware of them until my love of candy went from “enjoy” to “enthusiasm”. Guittard works a little more behind the scenes than most chocolates, in a sense, as they don’t really produce a mass produced chocolate bar like Godiva, Ghirardelli, Lindt, Mars, Hershey’s, etc. yet you can find their chocolate most anywhere. For example, See’s uses Guittard chocolate to make all their confections, as does many other companies and bakers. You just gotta look for it.

Guittard also is a very groundbreaking company. They did a lot of work to establish themselves into Single Origin chocolates, Fair Trade chocolates, as well as the fight to “Keep It Real” when the FDA wanted to allow mockolate to take the same identity and the pure stuff. I admire them immensely for this.

I’ve been meaning to do a review of their work for some time and wanted to really express what wonderful chocolate work they do. I’m going to try and not overdo any of the tasting with too much information. Sometimes simple is best. 


Guittard Chocolate: Madagascar Criollo

65% Madagascar Criollo:
A delight to look at with it’s gorgeous temper and hard, clean break and classy red/brown color with a subtle gloss. The taste is nice and chocolatey, with flavors of red berries, raisins, coffee and caramel. Like many Madagascar chocolates, it’s not very acidic. It has a beautifully clean finish.

55% Hawaii: One of Guittard’s newest chocolates, using beans solely grown in Hawaii. It has a nice chocolate color that’s a rich brown. It has a beautiful snap and temper, and it smells of fruity, roasted coffee and berries.

The bite is slightly soft, as it’s only 55%, which is the range of all my favorite chocolates. The flavor is stunning. Strong flavors of milk, cream, and caramel at first. Then the main taste shows and it’s of sweet raisins. There’s a slight fruity crescendo in the middle of red berries, and the chocolate finishes lightly and completely clean on the palate.

And the texture? It’s so smooth and slick. It’s completely decadent. I love it, love it, love it.

The Chocolate Show: Samples: Guittard Tasting Kit 65%

Guittard Tasting Kit:

Sur Del Lago: A very “green” flavor of vegetables and mushrooms. There’s a cream flavor in the middle and has very sour notes at the end of citrus and spice.

Quevedo: Smells deep with floral, spice, woody and fruity notes. The flavor is lovely, notes of cream that evolve into fruity notes, with hints of dates and raisins. The aftertaste is slightly dry, but clean. I really liked this.

Chucuri: This one smells peppery and very strongly of “green”. Asparagus jumps to mind. The flavor is dry, yet sweet. Again, such a bright green flavor of asparagus, mushrooms, and some light herbal notes that remind me of tea. The aftertaste is a little musky.

Ambanja: The lightest of the four in color. The aroma is light, floral and fruity/citrusy and a little spice thrown in. It starts lightly fruity with woodsy notes that emerge into prune plum flavors with some cinnamon and allspice.

Overall, Guittard’s chocolate is just stellar. I buy the bars whenever I come across them, and I made some stellar truffles with them recently. Whether for just cooking, baking, or eating, you can’t go wrong. 

Rating: Will Buy Again

Will Buy Again

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